Tiger Supplies is an autherized Topcon dealer

    About Topcon

    Based in Japan, Topcon specializes in optical equipment and surveying products. Established in 1932, Topcon is an expert in fabrication and distribution of surveying instruments that cater to the needs of surveyors, civil engineers, construction professionals and equipment operators. Over the years, they have aimed to develop more advanced features and functions in their products to increase work efficiency of professionals in the construction and surveying field.

    Construction Lasers by Topcon are durable measuring tools that are used to measure distance, angles, slopes, plumbing and more.These lasers include Rotary Lasers, Grade Lasers, Pipe Lasers, Machine Control Receivers, Laser Detectors, and Tripods.

    Surveying Equipment made by Topcon are essential tools for measuring, collecting, calculating and interpreting data in various job sites. Topcon Surveying equipment consists of Total Stations, TheodolitesData Collectors, Prisms, Prism Poles, Automatic Levels, Digital Auto Levels, Surveying Rods, Tribrachs, Layout Navigators, and Accessories

    Pocket Measuring Tapes from Topcon are engineering and drafting supplies that aid builders when doing huge physical measurements. This wide array of tools and supplies is sure to give customers the best satisfaction.

    Tiger Supplies is a proud distributor of Topcon construction and surveying products. Topcon offers the best innovations with the most durable materials and state-of-the-art features that make surveying much easier and efficient. Should you need assistance in choosing the right product for your needs, don't hesitate to contact our knowledgeable sales representatives.