Whether you call them Tripods or ‘legs’, these accessories are a much-needed addition to any surveyor or construction professional’s arsenal. They provide a level base to easily mount and securely hold your instrument. Tiger Supplies offers a wide selection of surveyor tripods and construction tripods for use with total stationsoptical levelsdigital levels and laser levels. Even better, most tripods have a universal thread so you only need one. But be sure it’s a good one. Whether you're choosing one manufactured by Topcon, Nedo, Pacific Laser System, or any of our other specialty brands.

    Types of Tripods

    There are a number of important factors to keep in mind when choosing a surveyor's or a laser level tripod. Consider whether you are working indoors or out, and just how heavy your instruments is. Wood is more susceptible to expanding and contracting with the weather but is very durable and sturdy. Fiberglass is another highly durable alternative, while aluminum is a more lightweight option. When working indoors or on slippery surfaces, flat bottom surveyor tripods prevent slipping. Alternatively, you can steady your instrument on your pointed bottom surveyor tripod with a stabilizer or tripod star. Some tripods even have retractable feet or built-in stabilizers!

    Other features, such as color or locking mechanisms, are about personal preference. Some surveyor and laser level tripods come with multiple locking options. There are also various height options, flat or dome heads, elevating columns, and much more to choose from.

    Surveyor Tripod

    Surveyors are all about accuracy. Leveling your total station, GPS antenna or other surveying instrument using a tripod to achieve that goal. For work with specialized equipment, you need a stable base. Choose from wood, fiberglass, or composite tripods. All surveyor tripods provide excellent support and come with carrying straps for easy transport around the job site.


    Laser Level Tripod

    Depending on the size of your laser level, you can choose from aluminum, wood, or fiberglass materials for your tripod. We also have camera tripods that have a thread that is compatible with many laser distance meters and line and point lasers.


    Tiger Supplies has one of the largest selections of tripods from all major brands like Topcon. These tripods are great for any surveyor and constructions professional. All of our tripods provide solid support and stability, giving you the confidence that every task will be executed with precision.

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    TP-15 Heavy-Duty Wood / Fiberglass Tripod 1030649-01
    Tiger#:  TS69597
    MFR#:  1030649-01
    • Topcon TP-15 Heavy-Duty Wood / Fiberglass Tripod
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