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32-Strand Ropes


  • Original price $3.89 - Original price $3.89
    Original price List Price: $3.89
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    EpiCord 32-Strand Rigging Rope, per Foot

    • Used by Arborists for Rigging Procedures
    • Consists of 32-Strand Polyester and Technora Material
    • Core is made from Technora & Dyneema Combination
    • Heat-Resistant & Flexible
    • Versatile, Abrasion-Resistant & Compatible with Rigging Hardwares
    • Tensile Strength: 5,400 lbs
    • Sold Per Foot
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    Original price $3.89 - Original price $3.89
    Original price List Price: $3.89
    $3.89 - $3.89
    Current price $3.89

32-Strand Ropes are strong, reliable, and durable equipment used by arborists for an efficient rigging application. These working ropes are an ideal when the tree professional is doing speedline procedures, and other lifting and pulling, ensuring abrasion resistance and high performance every time. 

Usually comes with a tight outer covering, and a strong tensile strength, these ropes can greatly enhance the production in the field. Tiger Supplies is offering a wide range of 32-Strand Ropes that vary depending on the user’s needs. You can choose from well-known brands like Teufelberger, Samson, Yale Cordage, Petzl, and many more.

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