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Since 1983, Tollis Enterprises Inc. has been evolving to serve the needs of various industries. Their long history includes involvement in a wide array of retail outlets and a security system company. Today, Tollis is dedicated to providing the construction industry with products that will enhance productivity, efficiency, and security at work.

With the innovative EZ Permit Box, Tollis Enterprises Inc. offers safe and organized document keeping for job sites and other construction areas. This document box is designed to protect permits, plans, and other pertinent papers from intruding pests, potential thefts, and all weather conditions. It is made of highly durable recyclable plastic material ensuring long-lasting performance. Windows and locks are also available for total accessibility and maximum protection.

Tollis Enterprises Inc. enables easy maintenance of any existing permit box with their great selection of replacement parts including post, post adapter, spike, and spike strike. This guarantees cost-effectivity in the long run. With custom printing, it is simple and easy to personalize these permit boxes with your company name. logo, phone number, and other additional information.

Tiger Supplies proudly carries EZ permit boxes by Tollis Enterprises to help contractors, surveyors, and other construction professionals with their file keeping on site. For any questions regarding Tollis Enterprises products, please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives. 

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