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Established in 1977, Seco has become one of the leading manufacturers of surveying and global positioning equipment accessories. Seco’s products are distributed around the world and are custom-built, private-labeled merchandises for OEM’s. They offer a wide array of surveying and construction products that are carefully designed to meet the needs of every professional.

Surveying Equipment made by Seco include Automatic LevelsStream Gauges, Hand LevelsPrismsPrism PolesBipodsTribrachsSurveying RodsFlagging SuppliesHi-Visibility Apparel, and Tripods.

Construction and Engineering Supplies from Seco include Machine Control ReceiversLaser DetectorsTape Measures, and Accessories. With top-quality features and updated functions, Seco guarantees optimum performance, quality, and safety to engineers, surveyors, architects, and construction professionals.

Tiger Supplies proudly carries the best products from Seco. With many years of expertise and experience, Seco is committed to creating high-quality components and gears with superb reliability and cost-effectiveness. Should you need further assistance in choosing the best equipment, feel free to contact our friendly customer representatives.

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