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    Original price List Price: $105.00
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    T2 Aluminum Survey Tripod

    Pro Shot Laser
    • Flat head with telescopic legs
    • 5/8-11 male mounting thread
    • Adjustable height: 42" to 66"
    • Quick release levers secure leg segments
    • Aluminum material for durability
    • Fits Pro Shot Alpha, Alpha-V, AS2, and L4.7 lasers
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    Original price List Price: $105.00
    You Save: $14.00 -13%
    Original price $105.00 - Original price $105.00
    Original price List Price: $105.00
    Current price $91.00
    $91.00 - $91.00
    Current price $91.00
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Tripods are essential accessories for all surveyors and construction professionals. Designed to provide stable and level base for easily mounting and securely holding any instrument, they must be durable, sturdy, and tough.  

Types of Tripods

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing a surveyor's or a laser level tripod is its application, whether it will be used indoors or out. Flat bottom surveyor tripods prevent slipping making it ideal for working indoors or on slippery surfaces. When working outside, pointed-bottom surveyor tripods provide stability even above rugged terrains.

Another thing to consider when finding the right tripod is its material. Wood is more susceptible to expanding and contracting with the weather but is very durable and sturdy. Fiberglass is another highly durable alternative while aluminum is a more lightweight option.

Other features, such as color or locking mechanisms, are about personal preference. Some surveyor and laser level tripods come with multiple locking options. There are also various height options, flat or dome heads, elevating columns, and much more to choose from.

Laser Level Tripods

Pro Shot laser tripods are equipped with telescoping legs to allow height adjustment. The leg segments are firmly held by quick release levers ensuring stability and solid support. They come with mounting thread to accommodate most laser levels. Made of aluminum, it is durable and lightweight.  

Tiger Supplies has one of the largest selections of tripods from all major brands including Pro Shot Laser. These tripods are great for any surveyor and constructions professional. Shop now!

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