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Rotary Lasers

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    Alpha Self-Leveling Rotary Laser

    Pro Shot Laser
    • Self-leveling range: ±5 degrees
    • Servo motor leveling technology
    • 360-degree rotation coverage
    • Selectable speed of 600rpm or 1200rpm
    • Manual slope matching up to 8%
    • Accuracy: ±10 arc sec. (± 1/16" per 100')
    • Visible 670nm laser beam (<1mW)
    • Machine control compatible
    • 6-Year Warranty
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    Original price List Price: $895.00
    You Save: $82.50 -9%
    Original price $895.00 - Original price $895.00
    Original price List Price: $895.00
    Current price $812.50
    $812.50 - $812.50
    Current price $812.50
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Rotary lasers are leveling tools commonly used for general construction. They are designed to provide accurate measurements and assist construction professionals in a wide range of applications including leveling, determining distances, alignment, and more. Some models feature vertical capability and plumb beams making them useful for transferring points from floor to ceiling, 90-degree layout, high-rise building vertical control, and many others. 


Key Features of Rotary Lasers

Rotary lasers come with visible, red or green beams to accommodate both indoor and outdoor use. They offer 360-degree rotation coverage and varying diameter range. For extended working range, compatible laser detectors or receivers are available to optimize the laser’s functionality without compromising its reliability. With fixed or adjustable speed, these rotary lasers allow maximum flexibility.

Rotary lasers are self-leveling within specific range (in degrees). Pro Shot rotary lasers utilize servo motor leveling technology or precision compensator to enable automatic leveling. Equipped with height alert mechanism, they prevent re-leveling at different heights ensuring accuracy at all times. 


Standards and Specifications

To meet the high demands of construction industry, rotary lasers are built to comply with different specifications. Laser beams conform to CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards to guarantee safe working environment. With IP ratings for dust and water resistance, these rotary lasers ensure durability to withstand the harshest jobsite conditions.

Tiger Supplies carries a great selection of high-performing rotary lasers by Pro Shot. Shop now!

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