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Haglof Inc. is known for manufacturing and selling high-quality, precision measuring instruments. For many years, Haglof has been incorporating technology and craftsmanship to help improve forest and field measuring work.

Surveying Equipment from Haglof is equipped with the latest technologies and designed for various purposes. Range Finders calculate distances from an observer's point to a particular target, making it ideal for long-range distances. On the other hand, Tape Measures are used by surveyors for determining the distance between two points.

Laser Distance Meters manufactured by Haglof are installed with more mathematical functions and allow quick and accurate measurements. They are useful and portable tools designed to meet the high demands and standards of engineers, contractors, land surveyors, and other professionals. Calipers and Micrometers are also available for metalworking, woodworking, and machining applications.

Forestry Supplies from Haglof include Compasses and Inclinometers, Increment Borers, and Soil Samplers. These devices are excellent for field work and ensure an accurate reading.

Tiger Supplies proudly carries a full range of precision measuring tools from Haglof. We provide land surveyors and construction professionals with the best equipment at great prices. For your questions regarding Haglof products, please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives.

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