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Pressure Calibrators

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Pressure calibrators is an accurate, easy-to-use and reliable device used to measure pressure. Pressure calibrators can come in different configurations to fit specific requirements. For field pressure calibration, where there is a requirement for portability and functions that may include voltage, amperage or digital signal monitoring/recording from the device being calibrated, handheld multifunction calibrators are the tool of choice. In a laboratory environment where a higher accuracy may be required and precise control of pressure is needed, a pressure calibrator/controller would be a better choice. 

Fluke Pressure Calibrators havebuilt-inn pumps, even an electric pump for easy pressure generation. Built-in features like mA measure, loop power, switch test and transmitter error calculation make these pressure calibrators powerful tools that are easy to use. Tiger Supplies offers a wide range of Fluke pressure calibrators to choose from. Shop now!

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