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Dahle has been consistently providing customers with safe innovative products since 1930. They have a reputation for developing cutting-edge devices with modern designs and special features.

Rotary Trimmers & Guillotine Cutters are designed by Dahle to meet safety standards in both personal and professional-grade products. They feature a self-sharpening edge that can cut even the smallest piece from the edge of the paper.

Paper Shredders from Dahle are German-engineered and equipped with features such as Automatic On/Off, Bag Full Auto Off and Continuous Run operation.

Scissors from Dahle are designed for comfortable use with handles that gently fit around the fingers, reducing fatigue during extended use.  Available in a wide range of sizes and cutting capabilities, Dahle scissors produce a clean cut in every use.

Sharpeners made by Dahle will sharpen graphite pencils as well as standard and oversized colored wax pencils. They have three lines of sharpeners that include handheld models, lead pointers for drafting leads, and rotary sharpeners that feature Dahle’s unique Automatic Cutting System.

Tiger Supplies is pleased to offer safe and innovative products from Dahle. For any questions regarding Dahle products, please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives.

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