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CST/Berger is the union of two manufacturers that specialize in measuring tools: Chicago Steel Tape and Berger Instruments. When the two merged as CST/Berger in 1994, they have become the world leaders in the design, development & manufacturing of leveling, layout and safety equipment, and accessories for the construction, building and survey markets.

Leveling and Measuring Tools designed by CST/Berger are recognized for creating precise lines, angles, and surfaces. Theodolites, Tape Measures, Abney Levels, Automatic Levels, Levels & Transit Levels, and Tripods are used on construction sites and in land surveying projects. Rotary Lasers are used for horizontal and vertical leveling in interior fitting work and outdoor applications.

Magnetic Locators made by CST/Berger instantly detect magnetic fields emitted by ferrous or ferromagnetic objects.

Tiger Supplies is a proud dealer of CST/Berger leveling and surveying instruments. We have years of experience in providing professional products and great deals for engineers, contractors, and professionals. For any questions regarding CST/Berger products, please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives.

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