Samson VOYAGER-120-NS Voyager Double-Braid 11.8mm Climbing Rope

    By Samson | Mfr#: VOYAGER-120-NS | Tiger#: TS92226


    • Used by Arborists for SRT and DRT Climbing
    • Consists of 24-Strand Polyester Cover & Nylon Core
    • Spliceable, Abrasion-Resistant & Works well w/ any Climbing Hardware
    • Versatile, w/ High-Strength & Excellent Knotability
    • Standard Diameter: 11.8mm
    • Tensile Strength: 9,400 lbs
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    Overview for Samson VOYAGER-120-NS Voyager Double-Braid 11.8mm Climbing Rope

    The Samson Voyager Double-Braid Climbing Rope is a 24-strand line used by arborists and tree professionals for SRT and work positioning during climbing applications. It has a unique design and a spliceable property that works well with other climbing equipment. Abrasion resistant, great knot holding capability, and with firm and round construction, this climbing rope is a versatile, tough, and durable product that tree professionals love.

    High-Quality & Durable Design: This Samson Voyager Rope is made of a polyester sheath, a nylon core, and a double braid construction, which works well with both prusiks and mechanical devices. It has a standard diameter of 11.8mm which allows an easy and comfortable handling for the user, and lightweight and flexible features. This climbing rope has a value of 9,400lbs for its tensile strength which indicates that the rope could take multiple falls and can be used for heavy loads. 

    Product Options

    The Samson Voyager Double-Braid 11.8mm Climbing Rope comes in different options that differ on the length of the rope and its end type. Please choose your preference on the drop-down menu above.

    • 120' L - Standard Ends (VOYAGER-120-NS)
    • 120' L - Eye-Spliced 1 End (VOYAGER-120-S)
    • 120' L - Tight-Spliced 1 End (VOYAGER-120-TS)
    • 150' L - Standard Ends (VOYAGER-150-NS)
    • 150' L - Eye-Spliced 1 End (VOYAGER-150-S)
    • 150' L - Tight-Spliced 1 End (VOYAGER-150-TS)
    • 200' L - Standard Ends (VOYAGER-200-NS)
    • 200' L - Eye-Spliced 1 End (VOYAGER-200-S)
    • 200' L - Tight-Spliced 1 End (VOYAGER-200-TS)
    • 600' L - Standard Ends (VOYAGER-600-NS)
    • 600' L - Eye-Spliced 1 End (VOYAGER-600-S)
    • 600' L - Tight-Spliced 1 End (VOYAGER-600-TS)