RopeLogic HCPK-8 Hitch Climber Pulley Kit w/ Prusik Cord & Carabiners

    By RopeLogic | Mfr#: HCPK-8 | Tiger#: TS95112


    • Designed for a more Efficient & Organized System during Climbing
    • Made from High-Quality & Durable Materials
    • Enables an Easier & Improved Friction Hitch Advancement
    • Lightweight, Strong & Has Rope-Friendy Design
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    Overview for RopeLogic HCPK-8 Hitch Climber Pulley Kit w/ Prusik Cord & Carabiners

    The Rope Logic Hitch Climber Pulley Kit is an essential set of gears used by arborists for effective rope handling and a more reliable climbing applications. Featuring a Sherrilltree Exclusive Climber Pulley, two (2) carabiners, and a Notch Wrap Star Prusik Cord, this kit ensures a smooth and easy workflow for climber. This Hitch Climber Kit is designed to be used in rope on rope set up for Moving Rope Systems.

    High-Quality Construction: The Hitch Climber Pulley consists of heavy-duty parts which are all made with high-quality aluminum material, and can hold up to 1/2" diameter ropes. It has a durable bushing axle, and comes with triple hole attachment, making it more versatile for the user for climbing and even rigging. 

    The kit comes with Sherrilltree Carabiners that are designed to quickly and reversibly connect components during climbing. It also features a Prusik cord, either the Wrap Star Cord that is constructed with 24-strand low stretch material, with a heavy-duty HMPE core with braided polyester/Technora cover, or the Ocean Cord, which is made from the combination of Aramid fiber and Polyester material. Both are heat and abrasion-resistant and flexible enough to easily tie hitches.

    Product Options

    The Rope Logic Hitch Climber Pulley Kit w/ Prusik Cord & Carabiners come in different variation depending on the color of the pulley, prusik cord type, and carabiner model. Kindly choose your preference on the drop-down menu above.

    • Gray Pulley, Wrap Star 8mm Cord, 2pcs. Oval Carabiners (HCPK-8)
    • Gray Pulley, Wrap Star 10mm Cord, 2pcs. Oval Carabiners (HCPK-10)
    • Red Pulley, Ocean 8mm Prusik Cord, 2 pcs. Ultra-O Carabiners (KITHCP)