Jameson 35276 Fiberglass Scabbard with Liner

    By Jameson | Mfr#: 35276 | Tiger#: TS90313
    • Jameson Fiberglass Scabbard with Liner JAM35276
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    • Offers safe and convenient storage 
    • Water repellent and UV resistant
    • Withstands extreme weather conditions
    • High-gloss gel coating prevents fiberglass splinters
    • Protects the scabbard from chainsaw heat and blades
    • Adjustable mounting plate for snug fitting
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    Overview for Jameson 35276 Fiberglass Scabbard with Liner

    The Jameson Fiberglass Scabbard with Liner is a heavy-duty bucket mount chainsaw holder for aerial lifts. Manufactured from high-quality fiberglass, this chainsaw scabbard with liner offers a convenient and safe storage solution for aerial bucket tools. It is designed to be highly appealing, resilient, resistant, and strong and can be best used on aerial lifts, boom lifts or bucket trucks by workers.

    Protective Gel-Coated Surface: The thing that makes the white fiberglass scabbard unique and special is the gel coat finish over the fiberglass. This protective and hardened barrier layer protects the surface from scratches, splinters, blooms, and moisture. Other than that, it also gives a shiny and smooth finished outlook to the scabbard.

    Water Repellent & UV Resistant: This fiberglass chainsaw scabbard provides good resistance against water. It does not absorb water and gets dry real quick. Besides, it also provides resistance against ultraviolet (UV) radiations coming from the sun. The white color doesn’t absorb many rays and prevents the scabbard from fading and getting heated in extremely high temperatures.

    Adjustable & Replaceable Liner: The scabbard with replaceable liner is designed with an adjustable attachment width and liner. This liner or insert with adjustable lip allows for easier and quicker mounting on almost all kinds of buckets. Moreover, this insert is replaceable and can be used to protect the scabbard from direct heat and blades of chainsaws.

    Secure Mounting: Another great feature of fiberglass scabbard with replaceable liner is that allows secure storage and mounting solution to chainsaw users. The scabbard comes with bolts that are tightened after adjusting the moveable mounting plate with the unit. The scabbard is then securely mounted on the lip of the bucket to hold the chainsaw.