Amerex C260 6-Liter Stored Pressure Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher (Class K)

    By Amerex | Mfr#: C260 | Tiger#: TS86658
    • 6-Liter Stored Pressure Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher (Class K) AMRB260
    • Amerex 6-Liter Stored Pressure Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher (Class K) - USCG-approved


    • Effectively stops Class K fires (grease, cooking oil)
    • UL rating: 2A:K
    • Uses specialized potassium acetate-based agent
    • All-metal anodized aluminum valve – sturdier than plastic
    • Rechargeable after use
    • Equipped with hose and nozzle
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    Overview for Amerex C260 6-Liter Stored Pressure Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher (Class K)

    The Amerex B260 6-Liter Stored Pressure Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher (Class K) safely and effectively stops Class K fires or those involving cooking oils and grease. Its a must-have fire extinguisher for commercial and industrial kitchens that use high-efficiency cooking appliances (e.g., deep fryers, griddles, solid fuel charbroilers) and high-temperature cooking oils. The B260 contains a specially blended potassium acetate-based agent that discharges as a fine mist, helping prevent grease splash and re-flash while cooling down the appliance. With a UL rating of 2A:K, it has the same firefighting power as 2.5 gallons of water and can also be used for Class A fires (ordinary combustibles like paper and wood). 

    Highly effective Class K fire suppressant. Class K extinguishers were invented specifically to put out kitchen and grease fires, which used to be some of the most difficult fires to fight. Wet chemical agents form a salt compound that covers the flame, cools the burning oil, and cuts off the oxygen supply. This process removes two of the four elements of fire to completely stop the fire. The wet chemical used in Amerex Class K extinguishers is tested on commercial deep fat fryers to ANSI/UL711 test protocol and is safe to use on energized electrical appliances. It can be used in temperatures ranging from +40F to 120F. 

    User-friendly design. The Amerex Class K extinguishers are designed to be easy to use to ensure successful and safe fire suppression. The B260 extinguisher comes factory-charged and ready to be installed on a wall using the included wall bracket. It has a stainless-steel pull pin with a large loop for easy pulling and a hose that allows the nozzle to be easily maneuvered and aimed at the fire while holding the extinguisher upright. The nozzle grip has a 45 angle for easy overhead application. All Amerex extinguishers are QR-coded and have bilingual labels. The wet chemical agent does not leave a residue, unlike dry chemical agents, making it easier to clean up. 

    Rugged, reliable build. Amerex is known for its high-quality fire extinguishers that are guaranteed to last long with proper maintenance and service. The B260 Class K extinguisher is made of steel from the valve to the bottom of the cylinder. Its all-stainless-steel valve and the polished stainless-steel cylinder with a crevice-free welded butt ensure long-lasting quality and rechargeability after use unlike extinguishers with plastic parts. 

    With excellent firefighting properties, user-friendly design, and a durable build, the Amerex B260 Class K Fire Extinguisher is an ideal supplemental equipment to your existing kitchen automatic system fire protection for an extra safety measure. 

    Configuration Options 

    If you need a Class K fire extinguisher that can be used in a marine vessel, the B260 is available in a US Coast Guard-approved model, the B260CG. This model is coated with high-gloss polyester powder paint for extra protection against rust and corrosion. It must be used with the 810CG bracket (sold separately). Select your preference from the menu above.

    • B260: Amerex B260 6-Liter Stored Pressure Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher (Class K) 
    • B260CG: Amerex B260 6-Liter Stored Pressure Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher (Class K), Coast Guard Approved