Sherrilltree 28499 1x7-Strand Extra High Strength Cable

    By Sherrilltree | Mfr#: 28499 | Tiger#: TS90302
    • 250ft Galvanized Steel Common Grade Cable COB28579-
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    • Easy to install and splice
    • Good ductility, flexibility & fatigue resistance
    • Soft annealed for reduced internal stress  
    • Left-hand lays to minimize untwists or kinks
    • Stiff construction even in small diameter
    • Breaking strength of up to 15400 lbs
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    Overview for Sherrilltree 28499 1x7-Strand Extra High Strength Cable

    The Extra High Strength 7-Strand Galvanized Cable is a high-grade tensioned cable designed for effective cabling and bracing applications. It is stronger than a usual common-grade cable but has a stiffer construction. It is an ideal guy wire and can be best utilized by arborists for effective cabling and tensioning purposes.

    7-Strand Structure: The galvanized extra high-strength strand cable has a solid construction. It comprises 7 internal strands plaited around each other in a left-hand lay manner. This amazing galvanized 7 strand structure provides flexibility as well as strength to the cable. It does not bend and prevents untwists and kinks.

    Good Tensile Strength: The extra high strength 7 strand cable has great tensile strength. It can withstand pressure and stresses to a great extent. It offers breaking strength ranging from 3990 lbs to 15400 lbs, depending on the cable's diameter, thus providing maximal and longer support to trees and other tall structures.

    Anti-Corrosive: The EHS galvanized guy wire is a high-grade wire with a protective zinc coating. To ensure that the steel wire works and lasts longer, it is made to undergo the galvanization process. This protective galvanized layer keeps the cable rust-free for a longer time.

    Other Features: Another feature of the extra high strength strand cable is that it is several times stronger than the common lay cable. It has a stiff construction and since it does not easily bend, it cannot be hand-spliced. It needs some tools such as wedge grips, stop nuts, or tree grips for cable termination.

    Product Options:

    The Extra High Strength 7-strand Galvanized Cable improves the efficiency and appearance of cabling without sacrificing strength. It comes with variations in sizes and tensile strengths for better and appropriate use.

    • SHE28499: 3/16 inch Extra High Strength Cable
    • SHE14985: 1/4 inch Extra High Strength Cable
    • SHE28933: 3/8 inch Extra High Strength Cable
    • SHE28932: 5/16 inch Extra High Strength Cable