Plumb Bobs and Accessories

    Since the days of ancient Egypt, plumb bobs have been used for construction and surveying. A plumb bob is the simplest and most economical way to determine a true vertical line. You can use it to set your surveying instrument exactly over a marker or hang pictures in a straight line. Your plumb bob can also help you calibrate your surveying rods to make sure they're exactly straight.


    Tiger Supplies has a variety of top-quality plumb bobs for sale, along with accessories such as gammon reels, plumb bob cord and line, and replacement points and caps. We also have marking products, such as targets, surveying benchmarks, and post drivers, to assist you in setting markers. Plumb bob targets come in a choice of colors. Some targets are stick-on for ease of use.


    Our plumb bobs are precision machined with hardened steel points. The caps have room for replacement point storage. Both points and caps have standard threads to make switching them out easy. You can choose nylon or polyester plumb bob cord in a variety of colors: fluorescent red and yellow when high visibility is needed, or plain orange and white when it's not. For maximum convenience, palm-sized gammon reels are loaded with a choice of 6.5' or 12' of strong nylon line. No more dealing with dirty or tangled cord. Just wind out the length you need and retract it again when you're done. A belt pouch can keep your plumb bob and gammon reel easily accessible.


    Tiger Supplies carries a selection of plumb bobs and accessories from manufacturers such CST Berger, Sokkia, Stake-Pro, and ChrisNik. When you need a plumb bob, spend some time at Tiger Supplies.

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    1 - 8 of 8 Items
    Reel 24 yd Refill 812451
    Tiger#:  TS26319
    MFR#:  812451
    • 24 yd Gammon Reel Refill Fluorescent Red 812454
    Ships with in
    10 - 14 Business Days


    Brass Plumb Bob 108
    Tiger#:  TS41169
    MFR#:  108
    • Johnson Level Brass Plumb Bob
    • 1-year warranty

    Available Package Options

    Size: 8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, 24 oz or 32 oz

    Ships with in
    7 - 10 Business Days


    Steel Plumb Bob 05
    Tiger#:  TS41146
    MFR#:  05
    • Johnson Level Steel Plumb Bob
    • 1-year warranty

    Available Package Options

    Size: 5 oz, 8 oz, or 12 oz

    Ships with in
    7 - 10 Business Days


    Plumb Bob Wire Assembly 80040
    Tiger#:  TS41277
    MFR#:  80040
    Ships with in
    2 - 4 Business Days


    Plumb Bob Point 6000-002
    Tiger#:  TS41154
    MFR#:  6000-002
    • Seco Plumb Bob Point
    Ships with in
    4-6 Weeks


    Solid Brass Plumb Bob 6000-012
    Tiger#:  TS38115
    MFR#:  6000-012
    • Seco Solid Brass Plumb Bob

    Available Package Options


    • 12 oz.
    • 14 oz.
    • 16 oz.
    • 18 oz.
    • 24 oz.
    • 32 oz.
    Ships with in
    4-6 Weeks


    Plumb Bob and Gammon Reel Leather Sheath 812365
    Tiger#:  TS26290
    MFR#:  812365
    • Sokkia Leather Sheath for Gammon Reel and Plumb Bob 812365
    Ships with in
    10 - 14 Business Days


    Sheath for Plumb Bob 812315
    Tiger#:  TS9994
    MFR#:  812315
    • Sokkia Sheath for 10–14 oz Plumb Bob 812315
    Ships with in
    10 - 14 Business Days


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