Planimeters save time, effort, and frustration when gathering accurate, real-world measurements. They can measure regular and irregular shapes on maps, blueprints, drawings, photographs, and other images of any scale.  They are great for measuring structures, rooms, distances, topography, and even images on X-rays.  These advanced devices measure by tracing the outline of any shape and providing precise results, eliminating the tedious task of manually calculating measurements from images.  They glide easily on the surface of the diagram with adjustable or fixed arms and a magnifying lens that all move smoothly with your natural movement.  This is a great tool for architects, designers, contractors, surveyors, and any other professional that needs to take accurate measurements from plans, and images of any shape.  If you need to measure the parameter of an oddly shaped swimming pool, lake, even a land mass, this is the tool for you!  

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    Digital Planimeter 766-01
    Tiger#:  TS76605
    MFR#:  766-01
    • One (1) Digital Planimeter
    • Power adapter
    • Carrying Case

    Available Options:

    • 766-01: Digital Planimeter only
    • 766-02: Digital Planimeter with Keypad
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