Proper storage of large documents is key to protecting important files and making file retrieval quick and easy. Find the perfect large document storage option for your needs with our collection of flat filesmobile rackshanging filesroll filesstorage tubes, and much more. Whether you need to store blueprints, drawings, artworks, maps, or X-rays, we have the ideal storage for it.

Large Document Storage, Flat Files, Flat File Storage, Map Storage, Blueprint Storage. Call it whatever you like, but all of these are great for storing blueprints and large documents. They are made of all different materials and come in different forms and sizes. Steel, wood, and Corrugated. They are available in Flat Files, Mobile Stands, Hanging Files, Vertical Filings, Wire Bin Files, Roll Files, Blueprint Rack, Storage Boxes, Vertical Flat Files, Blueprint Bags, Tubes, and Large File Folders.

We have dozens of large document solutions. Notice the different styles of these blueprint files and the many manufacturers we are offering: Safco, Mayline, AOS (Advanced Organized Systems), Alvin, Adir Corporation, SMI, and other. So, go ahead. Shop and enjoy the largest selection of large document storageblueprint storagewood flat file cabinet.

Flat Files: Keep important engineering or architectural blueprints, large-scale artworks, drawings, and other large documents organized and free from wrinkles, folds, tears, and smudges in our flat files storage.  Made by the best brands in the market, Safco and Diversified Woods, our flat files are available in either steel, maple, oak, and other wood veneers that are guaranteed durable and long-lasting.

Roll Files: Also available in Tiger Supplies are upright roll files, a space-saving and budget-friendly option for storing large files while keeping them within reach from desks or workstations. Roll files are usually made of wood, corrugated fiberboard, or steel wire, with as many as 50 tube slots. Simply roll your document and insert it into the tube slots – that’s how easy it is to use!

Hanging File Centers: Hanging file centers, also called “blueprint stands” or “hanging file storage stands,” provide a compact and convenient large document storage option. Used with hanging clamps, these file racks can hold up to 250 lbs. of large documents. Our Safco and Adir file racks can be mounted on walls or hanged on cubicle walls to save space. Mobile wheeled models are also available. 

File & Plan Hanging Clamps: Made with heavy-duty aluminum, file and plan hanging clamps, also called “plan sticks” and “drawing sticks,” are excellent organizers of blueprints, maps, drawings, and more. We provide sleek, easy to use, and durable hanging clamps made by the top brands Safco and Adir, with one hanging clamp able to hold up to 100 sheets or 20 pounds at once! Choose from different sizes to cater to your needs.