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TreeSave Fid for Hollow Braid Ropes

MFR#: 15456
TIGER#: TS90344
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TreeSave Fid for Hollow Braid Ropes
TreeSave Fid for Hollow Braid Ropes - $30.39
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Ships Out Within: 2 - 4 Business Days Shipping Date By: 10/7/2023
  • Highly visible yellow color
  • Strong elongated conical structure
  • Split hollow tail for firmly pinching the line/rope
  • Eliminates the need for a pushing device
  • Allows safe, quick & easy splicing of cables
  • Ideal for brumel or lock splicing

The tubular TreeSave Fid for Hollow Braid Ropes is a mechanical splicing tool designed to connect ropes or to create stoppers in a single rope. It is perfect for Brummel or lock splicing or for burying the ends of hollow braid dynamic cables or ropes. Due to its user-friendliness, easier splicing, and inexpensiveness, it is a great tool to be used by arborists in cabling, bracing, and tree support applications.

Good Design: The TreeSave tubular fid has great features. It has a simple design and structure and is ideal for splicing non-invasive hollow braid dynamic ropes or cables. It has an 11/5 inch diameter that best matches the 6-12mm rope. It is given yellow color for high visibility and increased appeal. Furthermore, it has a conical or tubular structure with a split tail for easier passing of rope through it. It comes in matching sizes with rope diameters for perfect splicing.

Easy & Quick Splicing: The newly invented 11/5 small fid allows quick and easy splicing of dynamic cables or hollow braid ropes. It does not require additional hardware or a pushing device for splicing the cables. The narrow split in the hollow tail helps in pinching the inserted line or rope firmly inside till its release. Thus, speeding up the entire splicing process.

Damage-Free Solution: Another great aspect of the fid for hollow braids is that it offers a safe splicing solution to arborists or homeowners. It is tapered at one end, allowing the inserted rope to pass through it without snagging or tearing the rope fibers. Moreover, the 11/5 inch fid properly sizes with the ropes of diameter 1/4 - 7/16 inches, allowing for easy movement of the rope and joining it to the other.

What’s in the Box

  • Small 11/5 Fid for 6-12mm Rope
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