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Speedline Kit

by Notch
TIGER#: TS94637
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Speedline Kit
Speedline Kit - $522.59
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Ships Out Within: 2 - 4 Business Days Shipping Date By: 10/5/2023
  • Designed for Rescue Purposes, Creating Mechanical Advantage
  • Made from Heavy-Duty Materials 
  • Features High-Quality Rigging Slings & Nylon Loop Runners
  • Has Variety of Mechanical Pulleys & Descender
  • Consists of Essential Accessories for Effective Rigging
  • Durable, Versatile & for Long Term Use

The Notch SherrillTree Speedline Kit is a reliable and efficient set of equipment used by tree professionals for various rigging applications. It may be used for rescue purposes, for creating mechanical advantage, or for lifting heavy materials in the field. This Speedline Kit comes with heavy-duty Loop Runners with different lengths, durable mechanical pulleys, a 10' Eye Sling, essential accessories such as carabiners, descenders and corner traps, and a reliable RopeBoss Value250 bag for storage.

This Notch kit offers a 10' Tenex Eye Sling, a 12-strand single braid rope made of high-quality core-less Tenex material, which is used as a tether for rigging devices. This package also features Nylon Loop Runners, which can be used as anchors, as an extension for your working line, or for holding heavy loads without sheering. The Tenex Sling has a 22,000 lbs. (98kN) tensile strength while the Loop Runners have a tensile strength of 6,520 lbs. (29 kN), and can hold loads in a basket and choke hold configuration easily.

The Speeline Kit comes with different mechanical pulleys such as the Stealth Steel Pulley, High Roller Pulley, and the Drop Eye Pulley, and also comes with the Rescue 8 Descender. These mechanical devices can help in a more organized and safe rigging applications during rescue operations or lifting heavy loads. Additional accessories like Leather Corner Traps, Steel Posi Carabiners, and Slideline Carabiners, are also included.

What’s in the Box

  • (1) 10' Tenex Eye Sling
  • (1) 26" Notch Loop Runner
  • (3) 30" Notch Loop Runner
  • (3) 36" Notch Loop Runner
  • (1) 48" Notch Loop Runner
  • (1) Stealth Steel Pulley
  • (1) High Roller Pulley
  • (1) Drop Eye Pulley
  • (1) Rescue 8 Descender
  • (2) Steel Arborist Posi Carabiner
  • (4) Slideline Carabiner
  • (5) Leather Corner Traps
  • RopeBoss Value 250 Storage Bag
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