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Ulrich Planfiling

Tiger Supplies is an authorized Ulrich Planfiling dealer

A high-density blueprint storage file, upright blueprint plan file, or vertical plan file is what you need when you have a large number of important documents to preserve. A fireproof or fire resistant high-density blueprint cabinet will keep your documents safe, even from a roaring bonfire. If the worst happens, you want your vertical plan file to be water-resistant, too. A water-resistant high-density blueprint storage cabinet will keep your documents dry, whether the water comes from sprinklers and fire hoses or just a spilled drink.

All the high-density blueprint storage files have locks to protect your files from unauthorized access. Dust and moisture seals help keep your files clean and dry.

High-Density Plan File Storage

When you have thousands of large sheets or blueprints to store, but very little space to put them, it's a high-density plan file to the rescue. With high-density blueprint storage, you can store up to 6,000 sheets in a single space only 31½ inches wide. Think you'll never be able to fit a fire resistant or fireproof blueprint cabinet in your cubicle? Vertical plan files can give you fire resistant or even fireproof blueprint storage for up to 2,400 sheets in a space less than 15 inches wide!

Convenient Vertical Plan File Retrieval

With an upright blueprint plan file, filing is done at a comfortable height. No more bending, stooping or kneeling to retrieve your files. Whether your vertical plan file uses hanging paper clamps, parallel pins, pins, and posts, or spring-compressed compartments to store your files, filing high-density blueprints is fast and easy.

High-density plan files are made of heavy-duty steel in a number of attractive colors, styles, and sizes, with wheels or static bases and top or side openings. Tiger Supplies carries a wide range of Ulrich Planfiling high-density blueprint storage files. Shop now!

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