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Paint Marking Wheels

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Paint Marking Wheels are heavy-duty paint applicators designed for large-scale marking and striping. They are commonly used for spraying lines on athletic fields, playgrounds, parking lots, industrial plant facilities, and many others. Equipped with wheels, they allow smooth operation and easy maneuverability on flat or uneven surfaces. They also come with a comfortable handle for convenient use.

These efficient and time-saving paint marking wheels feature an easy-to-squeeze trigger actuator to enable quick marking while ensuring clean, precise, straight lines. They offer different stripe width to suit various marking applications. Some models can hold one marking paint can at a time while others are built to accommodate a case full of paint cans.

For jobs that require accurate measurements such as cabling, pipe installation, or road construction, paint marking wheels with built-in counter are available. They simultaneously measure long distances while marking. They vary in range and unit of measurement to meet most measuring needs.

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