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Wind Meters orAnemometers offer the best features and functions for measuring and calibrating wind speed and pressure. This versatile instrument has various types which offer different essential characteristics - cup anemometers, hot wire anemometers, pressure tube anemometers, ultrasonic anemometers, and laser Doppler anemometers.

Cup anemometers (also called as rotational anemometers) use cups for measuring wind speed and hot-wire anemometers (or thermal flow anemometers) features a long rod with a heated tip that calibrates both wind speed and pressure. Another type of anemometer are windmills, which have a propeller placed at the front of the device which spins when air pressure is applied to it. There are also pressure tube anemometers (also known as wind socks) that determine accurate wind direction with the use of a tube that moves along with the direction of the wind. While ultrasonic anemometers are sensitive devices that measure wind information through the disruption of sonic pulses of sensors. Some of these ultrasonic devices come with a built-in heater. In addition, Laser Dopplers are powerful devices that are commonly used for high-technology applications and use the Doppler effect to measure airflow. 


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