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Tablet Ex Gear is one of the most trusted manufacturers of innovative chest packs that modernize the way essential gear is being carried and used. Globally used, these chest packs are used in numerous industries such as mining, geology, biology, archeology, engineering, search and rescue, surveying, municipal government, arboriculture, container ports, air cargo, equipment auctioning, agriculture, and forestry.


Chest Packs manufactured by Tablet Ex Gear promises the most comfortable and ergonomic experience. It features versatile and hassle-free design that allows optimum performance for the surveyor or other professionals using the gear. Tablet Ex-Gear also produces the best accessories that provide auxiliary support for the Tablet Ex Gear chest packs.


Tiger Supplies is a proud distributor of Tablet Ex Gear chest packs and accessories. For any questions concerning Tablet Ex-Gear products, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives.

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