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Calculated Industries

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Calculated Industries, also referred as CI, is a leading manufacturer of industry-specific calculators and digital measuring tools. Established in early 1978, Calculated Industries has been helping over 10 million busy professionals work better and faster. CI also provides portable solutions that are easy to use such as Pry Bars and Cutout Tools. Because of this, Calculated Industries is known for producing products that boost work efficiency and productivity.

Specialty Calculators made by Calculated Industries have basic and advanced functionality for easy one-step conversions. These calculators handle layouts, estimates, recipes, and other complex solutions.

Measuring Tools designed by Calculated Industries are capable of meeting the unique needs of architects, real estate professionals, contractors, and professionals in need of accurate calculations of spaces, distances, and materials. These specialized measuring devices include Map and Plan Measures, Electronic Angle Finders, Moisture Locators, Laser Distance Meters, Electronic Measuring Wheels, and Calipers & Micrometers.

Tiger Supplies proudly brings professional calculators and measuring tools by Calculated Industries. We provide engineers, contractors and professionals with high-quality tools at great prices. For any questions regarding Calculated Industries products, please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives.

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