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AdirPro manufactures high-quality and affordable surveying equipment and construction tools for builders, contractors, surveyors, and construction professionals. The brand is well-known for its innovative features, ease of use, and robust construction of its products. AdirPro aims to continuously produce a wide range of reliable and accurate tools with advanced features that are essential in the surveying and construction industry.

Construction Lasers from AdirPro are made from the finest material to survive the toughest work site conditions. Our Laser Detectors come with advanced features to ensure accurate and quick measurements.

Surveying Equipment manufactured by AdirPro include Builders Levels, Measuring Wheels, Stream Gauges, Prisms, Prism & Laser Poles, Surveying Rods, Bipods, Tripods, Tribrachs, Tape Measures, Field Books, and Safety Equipment. All of these products are meticulously constructed to provide only the best for surveyors. 

Construction Tools produced by AdirPro include Automatic Paint Roller and Accessories. These tools ensure that you get the job done more efficiently.

Tiger Supplies is a proud distributor of AdirPro surveying and construction products. For inquiries regarding these items, feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives.

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