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Pumps are primarily used for dewatering. Water pumps are great machines for residential, industrial, and even for agricultural use. This suction equipment is used to pump out plain water, muddy water, and some low viscosity liquids, especially from deep places such as a building or a house’s basement. For agricultural purposes, pumps can be very useful in extracting water for the crops and even for fresh water ponds. 

Types of Water Pumps

Clean water pumps are commonly used for basic plain water pumping operations, such as ponds, basement, and water gardens. Semi-trash pumps are ideal for rugged pumping jobs and can be used for water with some hard particles not greater than 1/4th inch in size. Trash pumps are for the toughest pumping jobs and heavy-duty suction operations. This industrial equipment is capable of pumping up different liquid types with solid elements up to 1-inch size.

Pump Engines

Some water pumps are equipped with an Overhead valve (OHV) engine. This compact engine features valves that are placed in the cylinder head. The OHV engine is smaller because the camshaft is located inside the engine block, which performs a lesser complex drive system for the camshaft. On the other hand, air-cooled Overhead camshaft (OHC) engine valves are operated almost directly by the camshaft, making it easier to maintain precise timing at higher revolutions per minute. In addition, the intake and exhaust valves of this engine are positioned for optimum performance.

Tiger Supplies offers high-quality water pumps from Generac which is known to be the leader in innovative design and superior manufacturing of industrial equipment. There are many options to choose from that will suit your pumping needs. Enjoy your shopping!

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