Benefit From Section 179
    Instead of “deducting” qualifying equipment of software over time - according to a set depreciation schedule - Section 179 allows businessed to deduct the full purchase price during the first tax year.

    What This Means:

    With the depreciation deduction schedule you save 7% the first tax year but with Section 179 you save 35% the first tax year. That’s more cash flow for your company right now - when you need it.
    In 2017, The Section 179 Deduction Limit Is:
    Time Is Running Out!
    Get your equipment and software before it’s too late!
    Section 179 is set to expire at midnight on...
    Lease Or Purchase?
    Section 179 works for most leased or purchased equipment. Since both methods of payment are 100% deductable under Section 179, the biggest difference is in out-of-pocket expense. If you purchase, you pay the entire amount for the equipment out of pocket, and then deduct the purchase price on your taxes. If you lease, you pay only the monthly lease payments out of pocket, and still get to deduct the full purchase price on your taxes. That is a huge difference that makes good financial sense.
    December 31, 2017
    Section 179 & Leasing Go Hand In Hand
    Section 179 adds profit directly to your bottom line. Leasing conserves cash, preserves credit and can improve cash flow. Taken together, Section 179 and equipment leasing represent a very powerful financial strategy.
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