Geomax 6017103 Zoom95 Robotic Total Station

    By Geomax | Mfr#: 6017103 | Tiger#: TS76550


    • STReAM 360 technology
    • Data management on-site
    • Digitize the work area
    • Compatibility with 3rd party softwares
    • accXess EDM technology
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    Overview for Geomax 6017103 Zoom95 Robotic Total Station

    Guarantee the success of your surveying tasks with the GeoMax Zoom95 Series Robotic Total Station.  Equipped with many modern features such as the scout, track, and aim technology, or STREaAM360, this one-person total station substantially increases work accuracy and efficiency. The Zoom95 is also the logical step to fully digitizing your construction surveying needs.

    Go Fully Robotic with STREaM360 The integrated STReAM360 is a patented technology that allows the Zoom95 to be one of the fastest-performing machines in the surveying industry. The Scout function scans the area within seconds to find the target and allows your lock without the usual complex controls. Meanwhile, once locked onto, the TRack component ensures to track even fast-moving targets continuously. Lastly, with the AiM feature, the Zoom95 accurately aims at any prism without the need to look through the telescope. Save precious time with this fully automated setup.

    Modern Data Management Every part of the Zoom95 is made to keep up with the demands of the job at hand, even data management. Work on your data with Zoom95’s alphanumeric keypad. Its built-in 5” VGA touch screen allows you to display and edit CAD drawings on-site conveniently, while the Zoom95’s powerful processor is designed to handle big files quickly and easily. Reviewing survey data is as easy and quick as ever with these features.

    Flexibility and Connectivity The Zoom95’s capabilities are maximized with the X-PAD field software. The best thing about it is it’s compatible with 3rd party field controllers and is available on both Windows and Android, which gives the user a wide range of workflow options. On top of that, it is also easy to navigate and user-friendly.


    The Zoom95 is a powerful instrument designed to speed up work while being consistently accurate. GeoMax’s accXess EDM Technology ensures the highest accuracy despite distance or conditions with its measuring range of up to 3280 feet and extra small laser spot size. This technology comes in two range options: the A5 (1640 feet/500 meters) and A10 (3280 feet/1000 meters), with both options available in four accuracies.  

    The Zoom 95 Robotic Total Station is the perfect construction surveying instrument packed with modern features and technology designed to enhance work productivity, minimize time, and improve how you conduct survey processes.

    Configuration Options

    The Zoom95 Robotic Total Station is available in 8 options. Please select your preference from the menu above.

    • GE6017106 Zoom95 A10 Robotic Total Station 5” Accuracy
    • GE6017130 Zoom95 A10 Robotic Total Station 3” Accuracy
    • GE6017107 Zoom95 A10 Robotic Total Station 2” Accuracy
    • GE6017108 Zoom95 A10 Robotic Total Station1” Accuracy
    • GE6017103 Zoom95 A5 Robotic Total Station 5” Accuracy
    • GE6017129 Zoom95 A5 Robotic Total Station 3” Accuracy
    • GE6017104 Zoom95 A5 Robotic Total Station 2” Accuracy
    • GE6017105 Zoom95 A5 Robotic Total Station 1” Accuracy


    Replaces the GeoMax Zoom90 Series Reflectorless Total Station [GEO6010321, GEO6010322, GEO6009950, GEO6009951, GEO6009952]