Geomax 6010320 Zoom90 Series Reflectorless Total Station

    By Geomax | Mfr#: 6010320 | Tiger#: TS76550
    Zoom90 Series Reflectorless Total Station GEO6010320-
    • Zoom90 Series Reflectorless Total Station GEO6010320-
    • GeoMax Zoom90 Reflectorless Total Station
    • GeoMax Zoom90 Reflectorless Total Station
    • Zoom90 Series Reflectorless Total Station


    • Reflectorless range: 1640/3280 ft  (500/1000 m)
    • STReAM360 technology for fully automated operation
    • accXXess EDM technology with increased measuring range and smaller laser spot size
    • X-motion hybrid drives for fast target tracking
    • NavLight alignment aid for faster setting out  
    • IP55 water and dustproof
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    Overview for Geomax 6010320 Zoom90 Series Reflectorless Total Station

    Boost your productivity while ensuring accuracy with the GeoMax Zoom90 Series Robotic Total Station. With an advanced EDM technology, a Scout-Track-Aim (STREAM360) technology, compatibility with most software, and robust build, the Zoom90 RTS is the ultimate fully automatic, one-man surveying system.

    STReAM360: Full Robotic Capability The STREAM360 technology with Scout-Track-Aim components is a patented technology designed to enhance tracking and aiming of targets. The Scout function scans the entire area within seconds to find the target by emitting a vertical laser fan from the rotating instrument. Once reflections are received, the Zoom90 accurately aims towards this prism. Once the target is locked onto, the TRack technology enables the Zoom90 to continuously track even fast-moving targets. The AiM element of the STReAM360 accurately aims at any prism without the need to look through the telescope, making automatic measurements reliable and repeatable. 

    Zoom90 also incorporates X-motion hybrid drives, an innovative technology that follows your target at 56 mph at 328 feet distances. This results in up to 20% boosted automation performance compared to conventional drives. Setting up is made easy with the NavLight technology, an efficient alignment aid that flashes red and yellow lights to guide you accurately to the line of sight. 

    Combined TPS and GNSS Measurements The Zoom90 Series can be used with “X-Pole,” a GeoMax feature that combines a prism and GNSS into one pole. In case of loss of prism lock due to interrupted line of sight, you can easily switch from TPS to GNSS mode with a tap of a button right inside the X-PAD field software. GeoTRAil, a GNSS-based prism search functionality within X-PAD, enables the total station to automatically turn to the prism without the need to click any button. Once the out-of-sight points are measured, switch back to TPS mode. The easy combination of TPS and GNSS minimizes downtime and speeds up your progress while still ensuring accuracy. 

    accXXess EDM Technology for Powerful Reflectorless Capability GeoMax’s accXess EDM Technology provides the Zoom90 a longer measuring range (up to 3280 feet) and extra small laser spot size, ensuring the highest accuracy regardless of the distance or conditions. To fit users’ varying needs, the accXess technology comes in two options: the A5 with a range of 1640 feet (500 meters) and the A10 with a range of 3280 feet (1000 meters). Both the A5 and A10 accXess EDM are available in three accuracies: 1”, 2”, and 5”.

    Open Connectivity Offers Complete Software Flexibility The Zoom90 runs on the Windows CE operating system, which is compatible with a variety of field software including Carlson, MicroSurvey, and X-PAD. This gives you the freedom to choose software according to your needs or existing workflow. Data can be stored in its 1 GB internal memory and exported using the removable SD card and USB stick. It’s also easy to operate with the full VGA color touch display and easy-to-use alphanumeric keypad. 

    Rugged Build for Tough Environments Built to provide reliable performance even in tough working environments, Zoom90 is IP55 dust and waterproof and can withstand extreme temperatures of -4°F to 122°F (– 20°C to 50°C). It can operate for 7-10 hours with the included rechargeable battery. 

    Built with performance and seamless automation in mind, the GeoMax Zoom90 is the ideal surveying instrument for professionals looking for a fully-featured yet easy to operate and software-flexible robotic total station. 

    Configuration Options

    The Zoom90 Robotic Total Station is available in 6 options. Please select your preference from the menu above

    A5: 1640 ft RangeA10: 3280 ft Range
    6010322 Zoom90 R, 1" Accuracy6009952 Zoom90 R, 1" Accuracy
    6010321 Zoom90 R, 2" Accuracy6009951 Zoom90 R, 2" Accuracy
    6010320 Zoom90 R, 5" Accuracy6009950 Zoom90 R, 5" Accuracy