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    Geomax 6014227 Zoom70 Series Reflectorless Total Station

    By Geomax | Mfr#: 6014227 | Tiger#: TS76563
    Zoom70 Series Reflectorless Total Station GEO6014227-
    • Zoom70 Series Reflectorless Total Station GEO6014227-
    • Zoom70 Series Reflectorless Total Station
    • Zoom70 Series Reflectorless Total Station
    • Zoom70 Series Reflectorless Total Station


    • Combined TPS and GNSS measurement modes
    • accXXess EDM technology for full automation
    • STReAM360 for advanced target tracking and aiming
    • GNSS-based GeoTRAil for automatic lost target relocation
    • NavLight alignment aid for faster setting out  
    • IP55 dust and waterproof rating
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    Overview for Geomax 6014227 Zoom70 Series Reflectorless Total Station

    The GeoMax Zoom70 Series Robotic Total Station is a one-person robotic total station featuring an innovative combination of TPS and GNSS measurement modes, industry-leading automatic tracking mechanism, impressive range and accuracy, and flexible connectivity options – all working together to make surveying and measuring convenient, quick, and accurate. 

    Combination of TPS and GNSS for Convenient Surveying Experience less downtime with a combination of TPS and GNSS modes of the Zoom70, made possible by the full integration of X-Pole into the X-PAD field software. The X-Pole consists of a GNSS receiver, 360 prism, pole, and a field controller with X-PAD field software. When some points cannot be measured with TPS due to blocked prism visibility, simply switch to GNSS mode with the press of a button. GeoTRAil, a GNSS-based prism search functionality within X-PAD, enables the total station to automatically turn to the prism in case of loss of prism lock due to obstructions in the line of sight. Once those points are measured, switch back to TPS mode. This minimizes time spent on station setups and fast tracks your progress while still maintaining accuracy. 

    Advanced Technologies for One-Person Total Station To provide a true one-person total station, the Zoom70 is outfitted with advanced automatic tracking and aiming technologies. The AiM function aims accurately at any prism without the need to look through the telescope. Once locked, the TRack function continuously tracks even fast-moving targets. Zoom70 also uses X-motion hybrid drives which follow your target at 90 km/h at 100m distances.

    accXXess EDM Technology for Powerful Reflectorless Measurement The Zoom70 also benefits from GeoMax’s accXXess EDM Technology which provides a longer measuring range (up to 1000 meters) and an extra small laser spot size, ensuring extreme accuracy in any distance or conditions. The accXXess technology comes in two options: the A5 with a range of 500 meters (1640 feet) and the A10 with a range of 1000 meters (3280 feet). Both the A5 and A10 accXXess EDM are available in three accuracies: 1”, 2”, and 5”.

    Seamless Connectivity for Smooth Workflow Zoom70 runs on the Windows CE operating system, making it compatible with a range of field software including X-PAD, MicroSurvey, Carlson. This avoids locking you down with software that might not suit your needs. It has a 1 GB internal memory for storing your data and a removable SD card and USB stick for exporting data. The full VGA colored touchscreen display and alphanumeric keypad make the Zoom70 easy to operate. 

    High-performing, convenient, and easy to operate, the GeoMax Zoom70 is a powerful surveying solution designed to boost productivity while ensuring accurate and reliable results. 

    Configuration Options

    The Zoom70 Robotic Total Station is available in 6 options. Please select your preference from the menu above

    A5: 1640 ft RangeA10: 3280 ft Range
    6014229 Zoom70, 1" Accuracy6014232 Zoom70, 1" Accuracy
    6014228 Zoom70, 2" Accuracy6014231 Zoom70, 2" Accuracy
    6014227 Zoom70, 5" Accuracy6014230 Zoom70, 5" Accuracy