Geomax 6012495 Zoom25 Manual Reflectorless Total Station *DISCONTINUED*

    By Geomax | Mfr#: 6012495 | Tiger#: TS76540
    • Zoom25 Total Station 5-sec accuracy with Prism GEO6012496
    • Zoom25 Series Manual Reflectorless Total Station
    • Zoom25 Series Manual Reflectorless Total Station
    • Zoom25 Series Manual Reflectorless Total Station


    • Accuracy options of 1-sec, 2-sec, and 5-sec 
    • Single-prism range up to 10,000 feet 
    • Reflectorless range up to 1,640 feet 
    • Internal memory up to 50,000 measurements 
    • Integrated Embedded CE onboard software 
    • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity 
    • One-year manufacturer’s warranty 
    • IP55 protection class 
    • Battery Life up to 16 hours 
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    Overview for Geomax 6012495 Zoom25 Manual Reflectorless Total Station

    The Zoom25 Reflectorless Total Station is a cost-effective solution for accurate and reliable surveying. It features an impressive range, reliable accuracy, fast and flexible data transfer, a rugged build, and powerful features – everything you need to boost your productivity in the field while keeping costs down. 

    Reliable Surveying Performance The Zoom25 Total Station is powered by GeoMax’s neXus5 EDM technology, an advanced reflectorless technology known for industry-leading accuracy and range of up to 1640 feet. The three choices for accuracy (1”, 2”, 5”) ensure that you’re getting exactly what you need, and the quadruple-axis compensation ensures that the instrument stays level and collimation errors are automatically corrected. This results in reliable accuracy in both horizontal and vertical angles. To make accurate centering quick and easy, the Zoom25 also has a bright, easy-to-see laser plummet. 

    Intuitive, Advanced, Secure Equipped with a dual face alphanumeric keypad and a large, illuminated, high-resolution black-and-white display, the Zoom25 benefits from an intuitive interface that’s easy to learn for any skill level. The onboard GeoMax Advanced software allows you to carry out surveying and coding, setting out, measuring area 3D and volume, creating reference lines and arcs, and more. Once you’re done with your tasks, you can easily transfer data by pairing the total station with your data collector via Bluetooth or transferring via USB. 

    The Zoom25 also features the new “Powerlock” protection mechanism which prevents the use of the instrument by unauthorized individuals. Data is also protected by “SecureLock” Drives which can lock, hide, and encrypt your files to deter unauthorized data access. 

    Rugged Build for Tough Environments True to Geomax’s claim of creating instruments that “work when you do,” the Zoom25 is IP55 dust and waterproof so you can work worry-free even in changing weather conditions. Polar options also allow you to work at extreme temperatures (-4°F to 122°F). 

    Balancing performance and affordability, the Zoom25 Reflectorless Total Station is the ideal choice for professionals looking to stay on budget without sacrificing reliability, accuracy, and speed.

    Configuration Options The Zoom25 Manual Reflectorless Total Station is available in 3 options. Please select your preference from the menu above.

    • 6012493: Zoom25, 1" accuracy Reflectorless Total Station Package
    • 6012494: Zoom25, 2" accuracy Reflectorless Total Station Package
    • 6012495: Zoom25, 5" accuracy Reflectorless Total Station Package