Mutual Industries 17694-8-96 Zeo Storm Stormwater & Erosion Control Filter Sock

    By Mutual Industries | Mfr#: 17694-8-96 | Tiger#: TS96487


    • Used for Stormwater Management, Perimeter Containment & Inlet Protection
    • Made from Heavy-duty Polypropylene BlueNetting
    • Has Zeolite, Rice Hulls & Kenaf Core Fillings
    • Protect Against Sediment & Jobsite Wastes
    • Easy to Use, Reusable & Allows Erosion Control
    • Protect Residential Properties from Impending Water
    • Standard Size: 5" x 10'
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    Overview for Mutual Industries 17694-8-96 Zeo Storm Stormwater & Erosion Control Filter Sock

    The Mutual Industries Zeo Storm Stormwater & Erosion Control Filter Sock is a safety barrier used by contractors for stormwater management, perimeter containment, and inlet protection in construction and job sites. This newly-designed item provides barricade on the work area, ensuring protection against sediments, and jobsite wastes, and facilitates effective erosion control. This Sock can also serve as a guard to protect residential properties from impending water, especially on doorways and smaller flood plains to effectively divert water from entering the household.

    Durable & Heavy-Duty: This Mutual Industries Filter Sock is made from Zeolite material, rice hulls, Kenaf Core, and blue Polypropylene netting, ensuring intact and high-quality filtration product. It has a standard size of 5" diameter by 10' length, and can be used approximately up to 12 - 15 months, depending on the pollution and sediment load, handling, and UV conditions. The Rice hulls inside the sock are heat-treated to reduce the risk of pathogen accumulation and degradation after multiple uses, and improves stability and absorbent properties of the filter sock. 

    Easy to Set-Up & Use: This Erosion Control Sock is simply placed perpendicular to the flow of stormwater, easily collects debris and sediments on its back portion, while waterborne pollutants, such as oil, grease, metals, and dissolved nutrients are accumulated inside the filter sock. It can be used to barricade street gutters, curb inlets, catch basins, dumpsters that leak, and downspouts, and is design to be used in wet and dry conditions. After months of usage, the fill inside the sock can be used as a compost or as gardening amendment.