Geomax 6015752 Zenith40 GSM GNSS Receiver *DISCONTINUED*

    By Geomax | Mfr#: 6015752 | Tiger#: TS76583
    • Zenith40 GSM GNSS Receiver GEO6015752-
    • Geomax Zenith40 UHF GNSS Receiver
    • Geomax ZPC200 Telescopic Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Pole
    • Geomax Zenith40 GSM GNSS Receiver


    • Reliable Tracking via 555 NovaTel channels
    • Large coverage with up to 10 rovers connected through GSM
    • Accurate and precise data with Precise Point Positioning 
    • Error-free measurements with Q-Lock Pro multipath signal mitigation
    • Extended battery life up to 9 hours
    • IP68 dustproof and water-resistant
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    Overview for Geomax 6015752 Zenith40 GSM GNSS Receiver

    Known as GeoMax’s flagship GNSS receiver, the Zenith40 GNSS Receiver is a powerful smart-antenna with cutting-edge positioning technology that ensures accuracy with every result. It also features a smooth workflow to speed up your tasks and a rugged build that withstands tough environments. 

    Superior Positioning Technology The Zenith40 is equipped with the onboard NovAtel OEM 719 measurement engine which enables you to receive multi-frequency signals from all existing satellite systems worldwide. The GeoMax Q-Lock Pro RTK reduces the effect of multipath signals on the accuracy of results, making it possible to get accurate results even in areas with canopies or other barriers.

    Another innovative technology onboard the Zenith40 is Hexagon’s TerraStar Precise Point Positioning (PPP) service that provides C-Pro correction data at centimeter-level quality all around the globe. This service eliminates the need for a network connection and reference from a database station, significantly boosting your productivity and accuracy and precision of data. It also provides the PPP position within the coordinate system so you won’t have to worry about reference frames. 

    Open and Flexible Configuration The Zenith40 can be run on GeoMax X-PAD Ultimate on a dedicated GeoMax field controller or your preferred software on your own device. This gives you the ultimate flexibility to choose software and device according to your needs. The GeoMax X-PAD Ultimate is an intuitive field software known for its clear structure and high functionality. It’s fully compatible with the X-PAD Fusion, a fully-featured office software that can fuse all data types from both GeoMax sensors and other third-party sources including drones. It’s also capable of automatic point cloud registrations.  

    The Zenith40 GNSS can be fully configured within the field software or the stand-alone application Zenith Manager that’s freely available on Google Play. You can also speed up the device connection process using the innovative QR-iConnect feature which lets you connect the Zenith40 to any device by simply scanning a barcode. 

    Tough Build for Tough Job Sites Built with long-term use in mind, the Zenith40 is IP68 rated resistant to dust, powerful water jets, and even temporary underwater immersion. It complies with the tough US MIL standards and can operate from -40°F to 149 (-40°C up to 65°C). 

    With exceptional positioning performance, intuitive workflow, and military-tough build, the Zenith40 is the ultimate GNSS smart-antenna solution for any surveying and construction task. 

    Configuration Options

    The Zenith40 GNSS Receiver is available in 2 models with an optional UHF Flex Rover Set. Please choose your preference from the menu above

    • 6015752: Zenith40 GSM Rover Set
    • 6015753: Zenith40 GSM-UHF Flex Rover Set