Notch 39958 Yard Armor Outrigger Pad

    By Notch | Mfr#: 39958 | Tiger#: TS90323
    • Yard Armor Outrigger Pad NOT39958-
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    • Tough Ultra-High Weight Molecular Polyethylene plastic
    • Strong rope handle with plastic cover
    • Red color for high visibility
    • NoN-slip finished texture to avoid slippage
    • Extremely durable & resistant
    • Limited lifetime replacement warranty
    • Vertical load limit of 48,500 lbs
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    Overview for Notch 39958 Yard Armor Outrigger Pad

    The Notch Yard Armor Outrigger Pads are high-load capacity pads used under the outriggers of trucks, cranes, and heavy machinery to prevent them from fall or jerks. They should be used on smooth and solid floors to reduce turf or soil damage and to displace the weight put on the vehicle’s outrigger. The user should always choose the outrigger pad size according to the vehicle in use.

    Prominent Features: The heavy-duty outrigger pad for vehicles is made of high-quality material i.e. UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) that has high abrasion and wear resistance. It is 1 inch thick and its surface is safety textured with a no-slip finish that provides secure lifting to vehicles. On top of the pad is a tough arborist rope handle with a plastic covering to hold it.

    High Visibility Color: To make the yard armor pads for vehicle outriggers highly visible from distance, they are given high visibility colors, such as red. The handle comes in yellow-green color with a protective plastic covering.

    Durable and Resistant: Since the outrigger pads are made of materials with long-lasting resistant properties, they are a good fit for supporting cranes and other machinery without breaking, splintering, or warping. They can withstand bad weather conditions, pressure, and abrasion easily.

    Product Choices:

    The Yard Armor Outrigger Pads with great load-bearing capacity are great for heavy machinery outriggers. They are available in different sizes with different load capacities respectively.

    • 39958: Yard Armor Outrigger Pad 15" x 15" small
    • 39959: Yard Armor Outrigger Pad 18" x 18" medium
    • 39960: Yard Armor Outrigger Pad 24" x 24" large