Geomax 877734 X-PAD Ultimate Survey GNSS

    By Geomax | Mfr#: 877734 | Tiger#: TS79503


    • Customized software for complicated topographic tasks
    • Runs on Android devices
    • Includes set of different modules for surveying and construction professionals
    • Easy to use
    • Seamlessly integrates with TPS and GNSS
    • Allows full control of data
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    Overview for Geomax 877734 X-PAD Ultimate Survey GNSS

    The Geomax X-PAD Ultimate Survey is an Android-powered, modular and customized software designed for complicated topographic tasks, such as mapping, roading, bathymetry, GIS and many others. It takes productivity to the next level with its advanced tools that is dedicated to professional surveyors and construction experts, with its Survey and Build modules. It is scalable, easy to use, and ensures that users take full control of their data.

    The X-PAD Ultimate integrates perfectly with TPS and GNSS to provide maximum flexibility in the field. Sensors such as meters, echo sounders and locators are fully integrated to ensure seamless measurement workflow. Its CAD system and full 3D viewer allows the user to view, edit, and integrate drawings and data with all map types. It also supports a camera for augmented reality. Its cloud platform provides direct data exchange and connection between field and office. For a better user experience, it offers use of all sensors, plus voice commands for full control of operations, ensuring high performance and efficiency.

    The X-Pad Ultimate Survey features the following modules for the ultimate, all-in-one field solution for your needs:

    • GNSS - provides all functionalities for survey, stakeout, and control using GNSS Receiver.
    • TPS -  provides all functionalities for survey, stakeout, and control using a mechanical total station .
    • Robotic - allows full control of motorized and robotic total stations 
    • X-Pole - works simultaneously with TPS and GNSS, with the ability to switch from one mode to another.
    • BIM - Great for checking and stakeout operations, it allows the import of BIM models, as well as display, navigation and extraction of points, lines, and surfaces.
    • Volumes and Surfaces - Includes functions for volume calculation and terrain models to define stakeouts and boundaries.
    • Roading - Imports road design data in various formats, as well as stakeout of alignment in multiple ways.
    • GIS - Includes GIS import and export functions to define GIS features and attributes.
    • Automeasuring TPS - For automatic measurements of points for single sessions and/or time intervals. It also includes report generation and automated results sending.
    • Build Extension - Includes all features exclusive to the Build Module.
    • PicPoint - Allows for the capture and processing of points measurements directly on photos.
    • Bathymetry - Acquires depth data from echo sounder and GNSS positions with its route control. Easily manage bathymetric surveys.
    • Locator - connects to utility locators and records depth measurements at corresponding GNSS positions 
    • MEP - Includes a set of commands for plumbing, transfer height, scan, creation of parallel line or move on surface.