Keson WR1810_x10 Wood Folding Ruler (10-Pack)

    By Keson | Mfr#: WR1810_x10 | Tiger#: TS48840
    • Keson Wood Folding Ruler, White Wood (10-Pack)
    • Natural Wood w/ Brass Extender
    • White Wood w/ Brick Mason's Scale
    • White Wood w/ Inside Read


    • Size: 6' L x 5/8"W
    • Designed for engineers, carpenters, masons
    • 1st side: feet and inches
    • Extendable
    • Machined edges
    • Material: Beechwood
    • Sturdy and for long term use
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    Overview for Keson WR1810_x10 Wood Folding Ruler (10-Pack)

    Strong and resilient, the Keson Wood Folding Ruler (10-Pack) is a vital measuring tool for carpenters, masons, plumbers and other tradespersons. It comes with a length of up to six feet long and width of 5/8 inches. Designed for a variety of use, this ruler features measurements of feet and inches on one side and a specific unit on the inner side, depending on its function.

    This Keson ruler enables you to draw lines up to a specific length without the use of a chalkline or mason's line. Plus, it is extendable and features machined edges for easy handling. In addition, it is made of beechwood material that is durable and long-lasting.

    Configurations Options

    The Keson Wood Folding Ruler (10-Pack) comes in 4 different models that vary in their wood color, and the added feature on the ruler. Please select your preference on the drop-down menu above.

    If there is a need to measure on tight openings and spaces, you can choose the (WR1818X) ruler with the sliding 6" Brass Extender which measures in feet and inches. An inside read feature is added to the (WR1818) ruler, which is inches in reverse, for carpentry and woodworking.

    The engineer's scale is featured on the (WR1810) ruler to prevent reading mistakes, which has foot marks in red and decimal points. The brick mason's scale is in the inside part of the (WR18BL) ruler, for bricklaying and mason's work.

    • WR1818X: Natural Wood, w/ Brass Extender
    • WR1818: White Wood, w/ Inside Read
    • WR1810: White Wood, w/ Engineer's scale
    • WR18BL: White Wood, w/ Brick Mason's Scale