Mercedes Textiles 71WICK250-A Wick 250 2-Cycle Wildland Fire Pump *DISCONTINUED*

    By Mercedes Textiles | Mfr#: 71WICK250-A | Tiger#: TS86412


    • High-pressure fire pump with 2-stroke engine
    • 3-stage centrifugal foam-compatible pump
    • Safety feature against airlock or loss of prime
    • Water-conserving mechanism
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    Overview for Mercedes Textiles 71WICK250-A Wick 250 2-Cycle Wildland Fire Pump

    High-performance – that’s what the Wick 250 2-Cycle Wildland Fire Pump by Mercedes Textiles is. This 31-pound fire pump is lightweight for its class, high-pressure, extremely stable, and economical, making it a perfect choice for most firefighting needs. It combines a robust 8 hp, 133 cc 2-stroke engine with a centrifugal 3-stage detachable pump end, resulting in a fire pump that can deliver up to 230 PSI or equivalent to 530 feet (160 M) of vertical head pressure. Now that’s powerful! 

    Convenience and power combined. The Wick 250 is not only capable of moving water over long distances and high elevations, but it’s also easy to operate and maintain. The detachable pump end makes it easier to maintain on the field, plus it’s also compatible with foam so it can meet most firefighting needs around the globe. The engine of the Wick 250 is an “all-position,” which means it is functional in all angles. This is ideal for helitack crews and anyone who needs maximum versatility and ease of use. The engine also has an electronic ignition for even more convenience.

    The Wick 250 also has a patented electronic over-speed protection cut-out switch which automatically shuts the engine down in case of a loss of prime or airlock. Once the engine shuts down, this switch then automatically resets to enable restart. This safety feature minimizes accidents and malfunctions on the field.

    Water-conserving mechanism. A clever feature of Wick fire pumps is the clutch mechanism that prevents water flow when the pump is idle and starts flowing water when the RPMs are increased. This facilitates hose line connections and, more importantly, conserves water for warm-up periods or when water might be in short supply, e.g. when feeding on portable reservoirs. This is a great feature when fighting a remote wildland fire with a limited water supply. 

    A reliable workhorse in fighting wildland fires, the Wick 250 2-Cycle Wildland Fire Pump is a high-caliber unit ideal for municipal and wildland firefighting departments, helitack crews, industrial applications, residential area use and protection, and other emergency response operations.