Amerex 240 Water Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher (Class A)

    By Amerex | Mfr#: 240 | Tiger#: TS85634


    • Uses pressurized water to put out Class A type fires
    • UL & ULC rating: 2A
    • Polished stainless-steel cylinder 
    • All-metal valve construction
    • Discharge time: 50 sec.; Range: 45’-55’
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    Overview for Amerex 240 Water Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher (Class A)

    The Amerex 240 Water Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher (Class A) is a UL-approved extinguisher for Class A fires or fires involving ordinary combustibles including wood, paper, trash, plastic, and other ordinary materials. Made by the manufacturer of the most trusted fire extinguishers by firefighters, the Amerex Model 240 fire extinguisher stops fires with a 45-55 ft. pressure stream of water. The 55-second discharge time makes it easy for inexperienced operators to use, enabling quick response even by bystanders. 

    Reliable Class A firefighting agent. The Amerex 240 is ideal for offices, classrooms, storage rooms, and hallways containing mainly papers, boxes, cardboards, and plastics. With a 2A UL rating, this water fire extinguisher can hold up to 2.5 gallons of water. Please note that this fire extinguisher must not be used for fires involving flammable gas and liquids, cooking oils, and electrical equipment. It has a large-looped stainless-steel pin that’s easy to pull out to discharge. It does not leave any powder residue to minimize clean-up after use. 

    Rugged design. The Model 240 Fire Extinguisher features a heavy-duty, polished stainless-steel cylinder and an all-metal valve that’s tough enough to withstand fires. The cylinder is also crevice-free and butt-welded to minimize wear over time. This rugged extinguisher withstands temperatures ranging from 40°F to 120°F and can be used in manned pressure vessels with chambers simulating 225 ft. of depth. Like all fire extinguishers, the Amerex 240 must be regularly maintained to ensure that it’s ready for use in case of a fire emergency.

    The Amerex 240 includes a red metal wall-hanger bracket for securely mounting the fire extinguisher to the wall. It can also be mounted on vehicles using the Amerex 810 vehicle bracket (not included). Please note that screws or fasteners are not included in the package. Before mounting, refer to the user manual to see the manufacturer’s mounting instructions. 

    Manufactured to standards under ISO-9002 and containing required HMIS information, the Amerex Model 240 Water Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher safely and effectively puts out fires in minutes. 

    Note: Water Stored Pressure extinguishers do not ship charged. The extinguisher must be filled and pressurized upon receipt by a qualified service technician.