Alvin VBC77/31 VYCO Board Cover Roll *DISCONTINUED*

    By Alvin | Mfr#: VBC77/31 | Tiger#: TS1405
    • Alvin VYCO Board Cover Roll VBC44-100
    • Alvin 31"W VYCO Board Cover Roll Green/Cream VBC44/31
    • Alvin 36"W VYCO Board Cover Roll Translucent VBC55/36


    • Choice of width and color
    • Length: 10 yards
    • Made of 5-ply vinyl material
    • Durable and easy to install
    • Features smooth, stain-resistant surface
    • Self-sealing surface recovers immediately
    • Helps preserve expensive furniture and new boards
    • Resists deterioration, discoloration, and cracking
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    Overview for Alvin VBC77/31 VYCO Board Cover Roll

    The Alvin VYCO Board Cover Roll is a durable and versatile five-ply vinyl cover ideal for protecting and preserving surfaces that are heavily and frequently used. Featuring a smooth and stain-resistant working surface that is suitable for tables, desks, and drawing boards, it helps to prolong the life of such furniture and prevents mars, scars, cuts, and even dents. It is designed for heavy-duty use with its self-sealing feature that allows it to recover almost instantly and resists compass points, hard pencil impressions, tacks, and other sharp objects to leave any mark on its surface.

    This board cover roll can be used to cover filing cabinets, shelving units, counter tops, and other expensive furniture. It is convenient to install and can withstand deterioration, discoloration, and cracking due to aging and long period of use. It offers three color variations to accommodate a wide variety of applications. Choose from gray and white, green and cream, or translucent to suit any need or preference. The translucent cover is perfect over graph paper or when using light boxes.

    The Alvin VYCO Board Cover Roll is available in seven different widths and measures ten-yard long. It comes in a roll and can be cut easily and seamlessly with ordinary scissors to achieve any desired shape and dimension.

    Configuration Options

    The Alvin VYCO Board Cover Roll comes in seven different widths and three color variations. Please select your preference from the menus above.

    • VBC77/31: 31"W, Gray/White
    • VBC44/31: 31"W, Green/Cream
    • VBC77/36: 36"W, Gray/White
    • VBC44/36: 36"W, Green/Cream
    • VBC55/36: 36"W, Translucent
    • VBC77/37: 37 ½"W, Gray/White
    • VBC44/37: 37 ½"W, Green/Cream
    • VBC55/37: 37 ½"W, Translucent
    • VBC77/42: 42"W, Gray/White
    • VBC44/42: 42"W, Green/Cream
    • VBC55/42: 42"W, Translucent
    • VBC77/43: 43 ½"W, Gray/White
    • VBC44/43: 43 ½"W, Green/Cream
    • VBC55/43: 43 ½"W, Translucent
    • VBC77/48: 48"W, Gray/White
    • VBC44/48: 48"W, Green/Cream
    • VBC77/60: 60"W, Gray/White
    • VBC44/60: 60"W, Green/Cream