Lift-All TUFSLG-6 Tuflex Lifting Rigging Sling

    By Lift-All | Mfr#: TUFSLG-6 | Tiger#: TS92358


    • Used by Arborists as a Lifting Sling during Rigging Procedures
    • Made from Two Layers of Tufhide Nylon Covering
    • Has High Abrasion Resistance w/ Low-Stretch, Polyester Core
    • Can Fit most Steel Carabiners or Rigging Clevises
    • Has Red Yarns on Core to Indicate Wear
    • Features Stitched-in Tuftag for Easy Identification
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    Overview for Lift-All TUFSLG-6 Tuflex Lifting Rigging Sling

    The Lift-All Tuflex Lifting Sling is a reliable tool used by arborists as a cordage gear during rigging procedures. It offers high strength, durability, ability to resist wear and abrasion, ensuring a reliable performance in the field. This easy-to-use sling is compatible with various rigging hardware, and can fit through the gate of most steel carabiners and rigging clevises, making it a highly effective lifting sling. 

    Heavy-Duty Construction: The Lift-All Tuflex Sling consists of a low-stretch, continuous loop polyester core, and two layers of Tufhide nylon covering, providing a heavy-duty, comfortable, and easy-to-grip lifting tool. Its polyester cords are made seamless to efficiently avoid breaking the knot during rigging. Lift-All has designed this sling to be non-abrasive to the user’s hands or gloves, and on the surface of the item being lifted.

    This lifting gear is designed to have red yarns in its core, which serves as a visual indicator that the outer covering of the sling is ruptured, and needs to be replaced already. It also has a stitched-in Tuftag, for a lifetime identification of serial number, strength, and date of manufacture.

    Product Options

    The Lift-All Tuflex Lifting Sling comes in different variations that differ on the sling type and its length. You can choose between a round/looped lifting sling or an eye and eye sling. Kindly choose your preference on the options menu above. 

    • Round, 4' L (TUFSLG-4)
    • Round, 5' L (TUFSLG-5)
    • Round, 6' L (TUFSLG-6)
    • Round, 8' L (TUFSLG-8)
    • Round, 12' L (TUFSLG-12)
    • Eye & Eye, 4' L (TUFEYE-4)
    • Eye & Eye, 6' L (TUFEYE-6)