Husqvarna 588646001 Technical Forest Safety Helmet Set *BACKORDER*

    By Husqvarna | Mfr#: 588646001 | Tiger#: TS94959
    • Technical Forest Safety Helmet Set HUS588646001
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    • Set of Protective Equipment for Climbing and Hazardous Work
    • Features Heavy-Duty Technical Forest Helmet for Head Protection
    • Comes w/ Reliable Ventilation System w/ Mesh Covering
    • Has Adjustable (Folded Up or Down) Visor for Face Protection
    • Offers Earmuffs w/c Protects up to 26 dB
    • Designed for Low Temperature Environments
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    Overview for Husqvarna 588646001 Technical Forest Safety Helmet Set

    The Husqvarna Technical Forest Safety Helmet Set is a reliable gear that offers great and substantial protection without compromising comfort and functionality. This set of personal protective equipment ensures that your head, ear, and whole face is safe from life threatening injuries during any tree procedure or heavy-duty work. This collection of protective gears provides overall comfortability, durability, and reliability, making it a dependable utility for everyday use.

    This Safety Equipment Kit features heavy-duty devices that are developed by Husqvarna for the benefit and protection of the user. It comes with the Technical Forest Safety Helmet, which is designed with a UV expire indicator, allowing the user to be notified when the protective capability of the helmet has already decreased (due to sunlight exposure), and needs replacement. It also has a reliable ventilation system, featuring extra-wide holes with metal mesh covering (for dirt and water prevention), and a one-hand ratchet, ensuring improved comfort and reliability for the user.

    The set also features an adjustable 6-point suspension, hearing muffs that has a noise reduction rating of 26dB (class A) for ear protection, and a newly-designed face visor that can be folded up or down for fully free vision. This protective set is approved to be used for low temperature up to -40-deg celsius, and has an overall reliable safety function, ensuring high-performance protection against front, side, and rear impacts.