Fisher 43171 TW-6 Pipe and Cable Locator *DISCONTINUED*

    By Fisher | Mfr#: 43171 | Tiger#: TS79367


    • Locates buried pipes, cables, vaults, and other metallic objects 
    • Conducts “blind” searches of an area where the starting point is unknown 
    • Operating Frequency: 81.92 kHz + .005% 
    • Noise-canceling circuitry eliminates power line interference 
    • Crystal controlled frequency in both transmitter and receiver increases tracing distance 
    • Voltage Controlled Oscillator gives a wider range of audio signal 
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    Overview for Fisher 43171 TW-6 Pipe and Cable Locator

    The TW-6 “Split Box” Pipe and Cable Locator by Fisher is an affordable device designed to find buried pipes, cables, valve boxes, manhole covers, vaults, and other metallic objects. Its unique design makes it a cost-effective choice for accurate tracing over longer distances, making it ideal for water departments, power companies, telephone companies, and petroleum pipeline companies to make repairs and rearranging lines. 

    Heightened Accuracy and Sensitivity The TW-6 Locator boasts of a zero-metal design, coil windings, upgraded electronics, and crystal-controlled frequency in both transmitter and receiver that all work to boost the instrument’s sensitivity by 50-100 percent. It also has a noise-canceling circuitry that eliminates power line interference for even better results. The increased accuracy and sensitivity make the TW-6 Locator effective in showing where to dig and where not to dig, keeping you and your crew safe in all phases of a project.  

    Easy-to-Use Design The TW-6 Locator receiver has a meter that shows signal strength from metallic conductors as well as the battery strength. The receiver’s sensitivity level can be adjusted using a toggle and knob switch, with an audio signal that increases in pitch and volume as signal strength increases – even after the meter pegs at 100. Aside from the speakers, the receiver also has a headphone jack where you can plug in a headphone for noisy areas. Using a headphone also increases the battery life to about 100%. The receiver also has a level bubble for determining the depths of pipes or cables and also indicating the angle of the receiver to the ground. The transmitter also has a simple design – it has a battery strength indicator, a toggle between constant or warble tone signal, and a jack for accessories including the coupling clamp and ground plate assembly (sold separately).  

    Versatile Tracing Methods The TW-6 Pipe and Cable Locator has 3 basic tracing methods to suit different areas or situations:

    • Inductive locating - This is used for “blind” searches when you have no starting point. This is also used when surveying an area before excavation. To do this, the transmitter and receiver can be attached to the accessory handle (sold separately) to enable one person to survey the area. The transmitter and receiver can also be held separately by two persons while walking on a line to find a linear conductor such as a pipe or cable. 
    • Inductive tracing – This method is used when you have located one point on a buried conductor. You can then take the transmitter for an indefinite length of trace/ 
    • Conductive tracing – This method should always be used when you have a visible starting point to make a physical hookup using the transmitter block and grounding plate assembly.  

    More locating and tracing methods are outlined in the user manual.  

    With improved sensitivity, simple-to-use design, and flexible locating and tracing methods, Fisher’s TW-6 “Split Box” Pipe and Cable Locator is an ideal choice for new and seasoned professionals looking for an effective metallic locator at the fraction of the cost of other units in the market.