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    Grade lasers are rotary lasers with the added ability to grade or set slopes manually or automatically. Durable, extremely accurate, and easy to use, grade lasers are great tools for landscaping, drainage works, and general construction jobs. Find the right grade laser for the kinds of work you do with our collection of standard to machine-mounted grade lasers.

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    Grade lasers or slope lasersprovide all the great benefits of our self-leveling lasers, but with a rotary laser level, your level also performs automatic slope or grade measurements, while maintaining the same self-leveling accuracy, distance, and durability. The precision and reliability of a grade laser level in general construction and machine control applications ensure both material and labor savings.

    Types of Slope Laser

    There are two types of grade & slope lasers to choose from. The first is a single slope laser that gives you a slope in one axis at a time. The second is a dual slope laser that will give you two slopes on separate axes at the same time. The dual slope laser has a display to see the different grades on the laser and gives you the option to tilt in both axes to give you a compound grade. A dual slope laser will usually be more expensive than the single slope laser.

    Grade Laser Applications

    Slope lasers are great for indoor and outdoor jobs of any size. Laser-grade levels can be used for any application involving precise leveling and grade control or allowing for runoff, such as building pads, parking lots and runways, fine grade excavation, land leveling or tiling, concrete forming and framework, setting foundations, footings and more.

    Grade laser levelsalso work with machine control receivers to not only detect grade but to take it a step further and to help start digging! If you are working on a busy job site, choose a grade laser with bump alert and beam masking to avoid damage and interference from other lasers.

    Slope lasers also come with options to manually adjust the grade. Figure out what grade you want and set your laser detector and rod to that grade. Then manually move the beam up or down until your detector comes on to center. This type of laser will not have a display on the laser to read grade.

    Laser Grade Level Features

    Like basic rotary laser levels, grade lasers have a 360-degree laser beam, as well as large LCD displays for readout of measurements, large measuring ranges, and high accuracy. Some laser grade levels also include a remote control and may come with a laser detector for increased working range or other advanced capabilities, such as grade matching or beam lock technology. Grade matching is a very helpful feature because it allows you to tilt the grade laser level line until it reaches or matches an existing grade.

    As an authorized reseller of grade and slope lasers, Tiger supplies offers a wide selection of major brands such as AGL, Leica, Northwest Instrument, Spectra, and Topcon.



    Machine control receivers are time-saving tools that give machine operators accurate grade information without stepping out of the cab. We provide a wide range of machine control receivers at low prices, ranging from starter models with basic features to high-end models with angle compensation, hydraulic system integration, and other advanced features.

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    Machine control receivers are excellent tools for any kind of construction or agricultural projects. It's a much-needed accessory for machine control lasers being used in site preparation, dam construction, and excavation. Using a grade or excavator laser, you can simply turn the excavator dipper or arm into an integrated measuring stick. You'll get real-time depth, reach and slope information. Used with rotary laser levels, machine control receivers are simple to set-up. They have a rugged construction, making them ideally suited for mounting on heavy machinery.

    Features of Machine Control Laser Detectors

    If you want accurate grade information in the field along with communication from your machine control laser, use a machine control laser receiver to consistently receive the laser reference plane. Choose between the 240-degree and, the larger, 360-degree reception area for picking up any rotating or excavator laser, from any angle. These machine control laser detectors feature LED indicators to show the position of the bucket or blade in relation to the machine control laser beam. Additionally, the detectors provide visual and audible alerts, grade adjustability, built-in memory, precise accuracy with multiple channels, and mounting options. All are built to withstand the outdoor elements. Choose from wired or wireless options. Some machine control receivers can even be interfaced with the machine's hydraulic system to provide automatic control of the blade elevation. There are also options with plumb indicators to ensure consistent and accurate grade readings. This saves you money by reducing over or undercutting.

    Remote Display

    By mimicking the machine control laser detector’s indicators, a remote display allows you to view grade information without having to leave the cabin of your dozer or excavator. A remote display is an ideal solution when the laser receiver is behind the machine operator such as in trenchers, box blades, scrapers, and more. This greatly increases productivity on the job because you can fully focus on the grade information instead of focusing the laser detector.

    Machine Mounting

    Secure mounting is very important, especially when attaching to heavy machinery where the laser detector is subject to constant movement. That is why most machine control receivers are equipped with clamps or magnets for allow for mounting and easy movement from one machine to another.

    Tiger Supplies features top of the line machine control receivers ensuring precise communication between the machine control or excavator laser, the machine mounted laser receiver and the remote display. Choose from well-known brands such as Agatec, CST/Berger, Johnson Level, Leica, Seco, Spectra Precision, and Topcon. Shop now and enjoy big discounts!



    Portable, compact, and accurate, pipe lasers are designed to fit inside the smallest pipes to help with leveling, grading, and alignment works involving sewers, tunnels, and pipes. Available in green or red beam and single or dual axis, our selections of pipe lasers come with different accuracies, grades, mounting options, and other features so you can choose one that will work best for you.

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    Pipe lasers are an ideal construction laser tool for alignment, leveling, and even grading jobs involving sewers, storm drains, tunnels, and pipes. They are made to fit inside these small spaces and operated from a distance, but can also be easily set up above ground. Pipe lasers emit a visible laser beam that extends for hundreds of feet and can be adjusted horizontally or vertically, allowing you to set the pipe laser’s laser beam to a desired incline or grade and a desired angle or distance. Most pipe lasers for sale come with a variety of features and choices of accessories that increase both their portability and convenience in above and below ground construction projects.

    Pipe Laser Features

    Every pipe laser we have is constructed of durable material that locks out dust and water. Pipe lasers all come with high accuracy lasers lines and slope. They are available in single or dual axis, choice of grade, different mounting options, and features such as LED lights and plumb points. Several pipe lasers for sale, like the Spectra pipe laser, Topcon pipe laser, and Leica pipe laser, offer large, LCD displays that show the grade and line setting and battery life. In many cases, you can also program your information or a passcode into the pipe laser to keep it safe and secure. Features such as self-leveling, auto centering, grade locking, and line locking keep your pipe laser settings accurate and precise.

    Accessories and Power Options for Pipe Lasers

    Pipe lasers for sale can travel just about anywhere construction professionals need to go. They can be mounted on manholes or the walls of an underground pipe. The AGL pipe laser, CST/Berger pipe laser, David White pipe laser, Leica pipe laser, Spectra pipe laser, and Topcon pipe laser can be controlled by a wireless remote control even from a distance! Finally, almost all pipe lasers we carry can be powered by a rechargeable battery, alkaline batteries, or an external power cord.

    Tiger Supplies proudly carries both red and green beam pipe lasers as well as tunnel lasers from popular brands, such as AGL, CST/Berger, David White, Leica, Spectra, and Topcon.



    Self-leveling rotary lasers emit straight and accurate laser lines for faster and easier leveling jobs. Available in green and red lasers, rotary laser levels have options such as distance, accuracy, manual slope, plumb references, and even vertical leveling. From basic to more advanced rotary lasers, we have a wide selection of the best rotary lasers for sale that you can choose from.

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    Rotary laser levels or self-leveling lasers are a contractor’s best friend when it comes to easily and automatically performing leveling jobs inside or out. They adjust to minor surface variations to provide extremely accurate leveling lines at fractions of an inch. It is called rotary laser because the center spins, emitting a 360-degree level line around the entire area. Self-leveling lasers help construction professionals figure out levels, distances, alignment and points when working on anything from drop-ceilings and framework leveling to concrete forms and setting foundations and footings so that everything is built with the highest precision.

    Advantages and Types of Self Leveling Lasers

    Rotary laser levels come with a variety of different options. Choose green beam for the clearest indoor visibility or choose red beam for use indoors or out. When outside, it’s best to use a laser receiver or detector to help you pick up the rotary laser beams that aren’t as visible in bright sunlight.

    Now that the basics are out of the way, you can select from options such as distance and accuracy. Many rotary laser levels have options for manual slope, plumb references, laser pointers and even allow for vertical leveling. All are extremely durable and weather-resistance and have mounting options for tripods and even wall mounts. And don’t worry about climbing a ladder to control the laser level – you can use the self-leveling laser’s remote control!

    Applications of Rotary Laser Level

    All types of construction work can be done using a self-leveling laser level - from cabinetry layout, site grading, pouring concrete, installing chair rails and fences, laying out foundations, installing drop-ceilings and more. All rotary lasers work well indoors, but if you want to work outside, your laser receiver or detector will not only help you find the beam but can extend the lasers’ range for larger open spaces. Even if there are other lasers on your job site, these self-leveling laser beams can target only the receiver you are aiming at without interference!

    Tiger Supplies features one of the biggest selections of self-leveling lasers from Johnson Level, Agatec, Bosch, CST Berger, Leica, Northwest Instrument, Pacific Laser Systems, Spectra, and Topcon.



    Automatic levels are widely used by surveyors, engineers, and construction professionals to precisely measure horizontal planes and angles. Easy to set up, accurate, and durable, auto levels are ideal for grading, landscaping, and much more. With our wide selection of auto levels with options for accuracy, magnification, and compensator range, you can find the perfect auto level for any job.

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    An automatic level is a self-leveling optical instrument designed for surveyors, builders, engineers, and other construction professionals. It is designed to precisely measure horizontal planes and angles at both long and short distances. With its built-in compensator, an auto level remains level and accurate, making it very easy to set up and use.

    Automatic Level Applications

    Compact and lightweight, auto levels improve accuracy when grading a roadway, setting the foundation for a new home, landscaping, fence building, and more. Most surveying levels can be used in dusty job site conditions, can withstand light rainfall, and even survive a fall into the water.

    Choosing the Right Auto Level

    Since there is a wide range of jobs that can benefit from the use of automatic levels, there are different specifications to choose from. Consider aspects like accuracy, magnification, and compensator range. Look at different options, including 360-degree horizontal circle, optical sight lens, focusing knobs, bubble level vials, and removable eyepieces for mounting a diagonal eyepiece prism, and a high-power lens for increased magnification.

    Automatic levels are great for fence builders, foundation installers, deck builders, landscaping pros, home builders, roadwork workers, and more. Automatic levels require approximate leveling by hand; from there the automatic levels compensator takes over and levels itself precisely. Easier. Quicker. Greater accuracy.

    Tiger Supplies is an authorized dealer for a wide range of automatic levels from top brands, such as CST/Berger, Leica, Nikon, Northwest Instrument, Seco, Spectra, Sokkia, and Topcon. For the full setup package, you can choose from our auto level kits that include a grade rod and tripod.



    Tiger Supplies has all the surveying field supplies that builders, engineers, contractors, and surveyors can possibly need, includingfield books,stake flags,flagging tapes,nails and tacks,plumb bobs,target and reflective sheets,aerial targets, and more. Combine the smaller surveying field supply items with bigger surveying instruments to save time and money in shipment.

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    Nails & Tacks, Paint, Marking Products, etc...

    Tiger Supplies is the one-stop shop for builders, contractors, and surveyors. Get the little things with big things, all in one shipment.



    For land surveying and construction applications, theodolites are the go-to surveying tool for precise and fast measurements of vertical and horizontal angles. Whether you need a basic theodolite or an advanced model with sophisticated features like a built-in laser plummet or tilt sensors, you can find the right theodolite for the job right here in Tiger Supplies.

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    If you want to measure precise vertical and horizontal angles, Theodolite is the right tool for the job! Digital theodolites use a rotating telescope that enables construction and surveying professionals to point the instrument and get high quality, magnified, long-distance images of the desired target. With user-friendly interfaces, even amateur surveyors can operate this device and minimize measurement errors in the field.

    Choosing the Right Theodolite

    Theodolites do more than just give you a line of sight. Electronic theodolites survey land and give precise and accurate angle measurements. They greatly minimizing errors by automatically performing mathematical calculations or converting vertical angle measurements to the percentage of grade. Theodolites are used in various construction and surveying applications (alignment and layout of highways, bridges, railways, buildings and other structures). Aside from regular digital theodolites, we also offer models with an integrated laser pointer and plummet (for greater pinpoint accuracy), tilt sensors (for reliable angle measurements), built-in serial ports (for two-way communication with your computer), and more.

    Features of Digital Theodolites

    Some theodolites are equipped with single or dual LCD screens (for viewing measurements) and large button keys (for instant access to common functions). Mounted on a tripod, theodolites for surveys can be used for laying out swimming pools, golf courses, and for planning floor layouts for shops and factories. Digital theodolites are also handy in topographic surveys to measure the progress of a construction project and to verify if it is conforming to zone regulations. There is no need to worry if you are often assigned in areas with extreme weather because survey theodolites are dustproof and water resistant.

    Tiger Supplies offers a great selection of products from top theodolite survey manufacturers, such as Topcon, Spectra, Leica, Nikon, Northwest Instrument, Sokkia, and CST/Berger.



    Total stations are the ultimate surveying powerhouse for fast and accurate distance, vertical angle, and horizontal angle measurements. Our diverse selection of total stations includes manual and robotic total stations, reflectorless and non-reflectorless total stations, andtotal station accessoriesnbsp;including top-qualityprisms,prism poles,tribrachs, and evendata storage options.

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    Total stations are great for land surveying, civil engineering, construction stakeout, and even crime scene investigation, accident reconstruction, and forensic sciences. Total stations' advanced functions are controlled by an internal microprocessor, allowing you to perform a number of different survey tasks. This includes staking out points, coordinating measurements, making calculations, and storing and transferring large amounts of data.

    Kinds of Total Stations

    Choosing the right surveying total station for the job is important to be as productive as possible. Depending on the tasks, our total station equipment has choices ranging from accuracy, distance, screens and keypads, software, hardware, and security features. Some total stations come with laser pointers and optical or laser plummets. And all total station surveying equipment is built for the tough outdoor weather. You also have a choice of reflectorless total stations, which have a prism built-in or non-reflectorless that require a separate prism. With all the different total stations available, you can easily customize your surveying total station and features to best suit your needs.

    Total Station Software

    All surveying total stations can run various onboard data collection software for quick calculations of angles and distances onsite. Some are complete with full software onboard, with an abundance of features and choices for easy setup and taking shots.

    Are you using a prism or do you want the convenience of working away from the total station? Total stations can be connected to data collectors with their own software, as well as transfer data to your office computer. Some total station surveying equipment even offers Bluetooth technology for faster communication and easier setup, along with even longer-range data collection. With adjustments knobs, locking mechanisms, and built-in functions, surveyors can configure the axis and leveling of the total station surveying equipment to reduce tilting errors. With a tribrach and tripod, you’re all set take angle and distance measurements in seconds!

    Tiger Supplies proudly carries one of the largest selections of surveying total stations and total station accessories from popular brands, such as Topcon, Sokkia, Leica, Nikon, Spectra, and Northwest Instrument. Just choose the features you are looking for below and start shopping!



    Surveying tripods and construction tripods are a must-have for keeping your total stations, construction lasers, and other surveying and construction instruments balanced and stable on any surface. Find the ideal survey tripod with our collection of affordable and quality wooden, fiberglass, and aluminum tripods, non-elevating and elevating tripods, and fixed and height-adjustable tripods.

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    Whether you call them Tripods or ‘legs’, these accessories are a much-needed addition to any surveyor or construction professional’s arsenal. They provide a level base to easily mount and securely hold your instrument. Tiger Supplies offers a wide selection of surveyor tripods and construction tripods for use with total stations, optical levels, digital levels, and laser levels. Even better, most tripods have a universal thread so you only need one. But be sure it’s a good one. Whether you're choosing one manufactured by Topcon, Nedo, Pacific Laser System, or any of our other specialty brands.

    Types of Tripods

    There are a number of important factors to keep in mind when choosing a surveyor's or a laser level tripod. Consider whether you are working indoors or out, and just how heavy your instruments are. Wood is more susceptible to expanding and contracting with the weather but is very durable and sturdy. Fiberglass is another highly durable alternative, while aluminum is a more lightweight option. When working indoors or on slippery surfaces, flat bottom surveyor tripods prevent slipping. Alternatively, you can steady your instrument on your pointed bottom surveyor tripod with a stabilizer or tripod star. Some tripods even have retractable feet or built-in stabilizers!

    Other features, such as color or locking mechanisms, are about personal preference. Some surveyor and laser level tripods come with multiple locking options. There are also various height options, flat or dome heads, elevating columns, and much more to choose from.

    Surveyor Tripod

    Surveyors are all about accuracy. Leveling your total station, GPS antenna, or other surveying instrument using a tripod to achieve that goal. For work with specialized equipment, you need a stable base. Choose from wood, fiberglass, or composite tripods. All surveyor tripods provide excellent support and come with carrying straps for easy transport around the job site.

    Laser Level Tripod

    Depending on the size of your laser level, you can choose from aluminum, wood, or fiberglass materials for your tripod. We also have camera tripods that have a thread that is compatible with many laser distance meters and line and point lasers.

    Tiger Supplies has one of the largest selections of tripods from all major brands, such as AdirPro, Agatec, Bosch, CST/Berger, Dutch Hill, Leica, Nedo, Northwest Instruments, Pacific Laser Systems, Seco, Sokkia, and Topcon. These tripods are great for any surveyors and construction professionals. All of our tripods provide solid support and stability, giving you the confidence that every task will be executed with precision.



    Also called drawing tables or architect's tables, drafting tables are multi-purpose tables designed to help engineers, architects, and artists work ergonomically. We provide durable and elegant drafting tables, including stationary or portable drafting tables, as well as all-wood or wood-and-aluminum drafting tables, from the most popular brands like Safco, Mayline, and Diversified Woodcrafts.

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    There are a few questions to ask yourself before you choose a drawing table.
    What type of tabletop do you want?
    The split top drafting table has an adjustable section that tilts and a fixed section that stays flat, while the solid top drafting table has an adjustable tilt over the entire work surface.
    Do you prefer to work standing up or sitting down?
    An adjustable height drafting table can accommodate you whichever your choice.
    Is space at a premium?
    A folding drafting table can fold down to a width as small as 5 inches to keep out of the way when not in use.For an extremely stable drafting table, have a look at the professional four-post drawing tables.
    Professional Drafting Table Choices
    Drafting tables come in a wide variety of sizes, with table tops as small as 18” x 30” or as large as 37” x 84” and also have different ranges of tilt. For drafting table bases, you can choose wood, steel, or solid oak in different finishes. Drawing board tabletops can be made of wood, glass, or melamine in different styles and colors. Some drawing tables feature storage options, such as locking tool drawers and shallow reference drawers. Some drafting tables even have space for a CPU and flat-screen monitor, or storage compartments for portable drawing boards.
    Whatever your drafting equipment needs, Tiger Supplies carries a full range of drafting supplies and has the drawing table for you. Manufacturers such as Alvin, Mayline, Safco, and SMI provide an abundance of high-quality drafting tables, made with durable materials in attractive colors and styles to choose from. You can be sure that you'll find the right drafting table with Tiger Supplies.



    Some jobs require a more sophisticated measuring solution. That's where measuring wheels come in. These handy tools can measure distances on any surfaces indoor or outdoor. Our selections of measuring wheels include manual or digital measuring wheels, imperial or metric measuring wheels, andlargenbsp;orsmall measuring wheelsnbsp;so you can choose the ideal measurement wheels for the job.

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    Measuring Wheels are a fast, practical way to measure distance – indoors or outdoors – on any surface. Tiger Supplies has a wide selection of these resourceful tools for a variety of applications and terrains. Choose from standard or metric measuring wheels with single or double wheels in various sizes and materials.

    Manual or Digital Wheels: Our manual measuring wheels count each spin of the wheel and measure in either imperial or metric units. Electronic measuring wheels use a digital counter and often offer a combination of measuring units. Both types are calibrated for accuracy and designed to reduce errors.

    Large to Small Measuring Wheels:The large wheels range from 15" to 25" diameter wheels and are ideal for outdoor use. Medium wheels with 11" and 12" diameter is perfect for working outside or indoors. There is also the small measuring wheels with 4" diameter for working indoors or on smooth surfaces.

    Imperial or Metric Measuring Wheels: We offer a menu of metric measuring wheels that count manually or electronically. You can also opt for one of the large, medium or small measuring wheels that count in feet, inches, as wells as 8th and 10ths.

    Measuring Wheel Applications: Select one of the large or medium surveyor wheels with ridges to measure outdoors on a rough or uneven terrain. Or, choose a small smooth wheel for indoor use. Other options include paint marking wheels, paint marking attachments, as well as replacement parts and accessories.

    Whichever options you require, Tiger Supplies has the tool for you! Choose from our selection of large, medium, or small measuring wheels. As well as manual, digital, Imperial, or metric measuring wheels. Find the one that fits your measuring needs.



    The most basic tools for measuring distances and sizes, tape measures are a staple for every engineer, architect, builders, and other construction professionals. We proudly carry different types of tape measures includingpocket measuring tapes,long measuring tapes,closed housing tapes,surveyor's rope,folding rules, andhands-free hip chain measuring systems.

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    Tapes are used in surveying for measuring horizontal, vertical or slope distances. Surveyors use tape measures to determine the distance between points and to help determine property lines. Tapes are issued in various lengths and widths and graduated in a variety of ways.

    Tiger Supplies carries a wide range of Professional Tape Measures from popular brands, such as Keson, Lufkin, and Sokkia. Shop now!



    Made with heavy-duty aluminum, file and plan hanging clamps, also called plan sticks and drawing sticks - are excellent organizers of blueprints, maps, drawings, and more. We provide sleek, easy to use, and durable hanging clamps made by the top brands Safco and Adir, with one hanging clamp able to hold up to 100 sheets or 20 pounds at once! Choose from different sizes to cater to your needs.

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    Hanging clamps, otherwise known as plan clamps hold your blueprints, maps, artwork, and other large-size files and documents. These metal drawing hangers are great for easily storing and accessing your large documents and keeping them organized. Each hanging clamp can hold up to 100 large sheets and 20 pounds. You can attach the file hanging clamps to hangers on hanging, wall mounted or mobile file racks for vertical storage of your documents. Hanging clamps can also help you with the presentation of your large-format files, making them easier to hold, move around, and keep flat.

    Plan Clamp Sizes and Features:These blueprint hanging clamps are made of durable aluminum, with wing knobs that open and close to securely grip your files and lock them in place. Hanging clamps also feature plastic label holders and come in a variety of sizes. The standard sizes are 18, 24, 30, 36, and 42 inches long. Most blueprint hanging clamps come in boxes of 6.

    Compatible with All Hanging File Racks:Hanging clamps are standardized among most brands, and can be used interchangeably within your hanging file racks. It's important to pick the right size of blueprint hanging clamp to accommodate your needs. Some types of hanging storage files will fit several different sizes of drawing hangers at once, while others will only fit one size of blueprint hanging clamp. Of course, a larger file hanging clamp will hold a smaller blueprint or drawing, but not vice versa.

    Tiger Supplies offers a wide selection of durable, attractive file hanging, plan and blueprint clamps from top manufacturers, such as Mayline, Safco, and Adir with limited lifetime warranty on all their products, so you know their file hanging clamps will be doing a great job for you for many years to come.



    Keep important engineering or architectural blueprints, large-scale artworks, drawings, and other large documents organized and free from wrinkles, folds, tears, and smudges in our flat files storage. Made by the best brands in the market, Safco and Diversified Woods, our flat files are available in either steel, maple, oak, and other wood veneers that are guaranteed durable and long-lasting.

    bvin: 5805a412-be3e-4d5a-a770-0e65a138549f


    Need durable blueprint storage? Look into a metal flat file, also known as a: steel filing cabinet, steel blueprint file, or steel flat file. Made of heavy-duty, welded steel, metal flat files offer secure flat storage for your blueprints, plan drawings, and artwork. Most steel flat files come with a limited lifetime warranty, so you know they have been built to last. If you're concerned with indoor air pollution, choose a metal flat file with low chemical emissions. You'll have good long-term blueprint storage and help the environment too!

    Flat Storage for Large Documents in a Variety of Sizes

    Steel flat files come in different sizes, for documents from 18 by 24 inches to 36 by 48 inches. They offer many features to help make your life easier. Document depressors keep your files flat and label holders help you organize your files. For convenient drawer operations, you can choose a metal flat file with easy-glide drawers that close with one push. Courtesy stops hold your drawers open when in use, and positive closures stop accidental opening. Locks keep your documents safe. Steel flat files have 5 or 10 drawers and can be stacked for a customizable blueprint storage system. Choose a low closed base for a low profile or a high open base for some extra shelf storage.

    Standard colors for a metal flat files are black, white, beige, and grey. But if you want something special, some manufacturers offer custom colors. Tiger Supplies also has accessories for your steel flat file: drawer dividers to keep your files neat and tidy, levelers to compensate for uneven floors, and wheels to add mobility.

    Tiger Supplies has a great selection of durable, high-quality metal flat files from recognizable names as Safco, Mayline, Archive Designs Stacor, and Sandusky Lee. We're sure to have the steel flat file to suit your needs.



    Hanging file centers, also called blueprint stands or hanging file storage stands provide a compact and convenient large document storage option. Used with hanging clamps, these file racks can hold up to 250 lbs. of large documents. Our Safco and Adir file racks can be mounted on walls or hanged on cubicle walls to save space. Mobile wheeled models are also available.

    bvin: 0752b3f9-a6d7-4189-9094-79a58c41d473


    Hanging file storages”, “Blueprint Racks”, “Blueprint Stands”, “Hanging File Centers”, “Hanging File Organizers”, “Hanging File Storage Stands”, or “Hanging Filing Cabinets”, call it whatever you like. All are great for storing and easily viewing blueprints and large documents on a space saving budget. There are many different styles of hanging file storage stands and hanging file organizers. Some are simple wall-mounted racks, while others require no installation. Most impressive is the selection of the mobile hanging file centers with wheels (rollers and casters) which you can easily keep next to you wherever you are in your office. For limited space, there are also options to mount your blueprint rack to a wall.

    Hanging File Centers

    Hanging filing cabinets, also known as hanging file storage or hanging file centers, provide a convenient way to access and store your blueprints, maps, artwork, and other large-format documents. Just attach your large-format files to hanging plan clamps, and these hanging file storage stands will keep them smooth and neat, while making efficient use of space. Some of these hanging file organizers have swinging arms that hold your clamps and documents, while some of these file centers feature a fixed bracket where you can drop in or lift out your plan clamps and large files. The cubicle wall rack fits neatly over the wall dividers of your cubicle. All of these hanging file centers are lightweight, convenient, and hold hundreds of blueprints, maps and more in a vertical, upright position. Made of durable steel with a choice of colors, you are sure to find the perfect hanging file cabinet for you.

    For extra protection, we carry a line of fully enclosed vertical blueprint cabinets with locks for secure hanging file storage. Whatever your requirements, Tiger Supplies has a hanging file center, hanging file storage stand, or hanging filing cabinet for you! Such well-known manufacturers as Mayline, Safco, and Adir provide blueprint plan racks in a variety of styles and colors, all made of durable, long lasting materials, assuring long-term use of your hanging file center.



    Also available in Tiger Supplies are upright roll files, a space-saving and budget-friendly option for storing large files while keeping them within reach from desks or workstations. Roll files are usually made of wood, corrugated fiberboard, or steel wire, with as many as 50 tube slots. Simply roll your document and insert it into the tube slots - that's how easy it is to use!

    bvin: a599287f-79a7-4979-92fd-d8a5e4681451


    An upright roll file is perfect for convenient and easily-accessible compact large document storage. For rolled plan storage and rolled drawing storage, an upright roll file offers you a space-saving and budget conscious alternatives. Upright roll files are made of wood or corrugated fiberboard, with as few as 8 or as many as 50 compartments for rolled document storage. Some upright roll files have a footprint as small as 15 by 12 inches, with a height of 22 inches. In this small space you can easily store 100 documents 36 inches in length or even longer!

    Easy Rolled Document Storage:Filing your large documents is easy with an upright roll file - just roll up your blueprint, map, or plan drawing, attach a tube ID tag for easy identification, place it in its compartment and you're good to go. Some upright roll files feature labeling grids so you can see the contents of the file at a glance. You can also put your rolled-up documents in fiberboard or plastic storage tubes in a variety of colors and sizes to further separate and organize your files and protect them from dust.

    Upright roll files work so well for rolled blueprint storage because they hold documents of any size. Since the compartments are not enclosed, large documents fit easily, and, depending of the file, small documents are also easily accessible. Corrugated upright roll files are highly portable-- one person can easily pick one up and move it. Wood upright roll files can be easily moved from place to place on their 4 swiveling wheels.

    Tiger Supplies offers a variety of well-made upright roll files from leading manufacturers such as Safco, Alvin, and Adir. You'll be sure to find the upright roll file for your rolled document storage needs.