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    The Spectra Precision HV301 rotary laser level is built for both horizontal and vertical applications. It is self-leveling within +/-5 degrees, has a range of 330 feet indoors and an accuracy of +/-3/32 inches at 100 feet. It can be used indoors and utilized outdoors with the included laser detector that extends its range up to 1,600 feet.

    The HV301 package is a basic general construction package. It includes the long-range HL450 receiver, so that you can work outside or in brightly lit environments where the laser beam will not be as visible. 

    Indoor or Outdoor Use

    With 360-degree laser accessibility, this rotary laser is perfect for a large amount of construction tasks including, but not limited to interior finishing work and installing ceilings, drywall, squaring and layout. When used with a detector, the HV301 laser is all ready for easy and efficient outdoor construction, both commercial and residential, such as leveling, squaring and layout. The built-in vertical stand makes it super easy to switch from a horizontal application to a vertical one using either the 5/8 -11 tripod thread or wall mount.

    Accurate and Intuitive

    True to its name, this rotary laser is precise and provides utmost accuracy of ±3/32 in at 100 feet, the equivalent of 15 arc seconds. An arc second is the most specific unit of angular measure. This laser is very efficient with its one-touch operational controls.  It also features a single-axis manual slope match mode that works to match known references.

    HL450 Laser Detector

    The HV301 GC package comes with the HL450 Laserometer. The laser detector has a digital readout displayed on the front and back to show the exact distance from the elevation to the on-grade. The reception height is 4 inches for fast beam reading. It also has a low battery warning and auto shut-off after 30 minutes. Like the laser, this Spectra accessory is built to last with its IP67 waterproof rating and drop protection from a height of 5 feet! With its 3-year warranty, this is one great asset to this Spectra general construction package.

    Durable Design

    Like the Spectra Precision HV101, the HV301 is built to last, even after being dropped from a height of 3 feet onto concrete. If it does fall, the height of instrument alert will inform the user with a red LED flash and turn the laser off automatically.

    Not only that, this Spectra laser level has an IP54 weather-resistant rating and 40 hours of rechargeable or 90 hours of alkaline battery life. Another great feature on the HV301 series self-leveling lasers is the temperature compensation. Regardless of what temperature the jobsite is, this laser will always remain accurate.

    Remote Control          

    This Spectra HV301 package includes the RC601 remote control. The zone scan button and rotation control on the remote enable easy operation from a distance. The single-axis manual slope match works from up to 100 feet away from the self-leveling laser and has status LED light showing when the RC601 is in operation mode.

    Package Options

    This Spectra laser level package also comes with the rod clamp, 5 NiMH batteries and charger. And if that’s not enough, the rotary laser is backed by Spectra’s unbeatable 5-year warranty.