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    Notch SASQMAX-120-NS Sasquatch Max Climbing Rope, Nylon/Polyester, 1/2" D, 16 Strand, 7,868lbs.

    By Notch | Mfr#: SASQMAX-120-NS | Tiger#: TS94504
    • Sasquatch Max Climbing Rope, Nylon/Polyester, 1/2" D, 16 Strand, 7,868lbs. NTCSASQMAX-120-NS-
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    • Used by Arborists as Climbing Line or Bull Rope
    • Made from16-Strand, Polyester Sheath & Nylon Core
    • Excellent Abrasion Resistance, Low Stretch & Heavy duty Construction
    • Vibrant Green in Color for High Visibility
    • Has 3.4% Elongation & 72% Sheath 
    • Standard Diameter: 1/2" (12.8mm)
    • Tensile Strength: 7,868lbs (35kN)
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    Overview for Notch SASQMAX-120-NS Sasquatch Max Climbing Rope, Nylon/Polyester, 1/2" D, 16 Strand, 7,868lbs.

    The Notch Sasquatch Max Climbing Rope is a 16-strand rope used for climbing or even light rigging applications. Abrasion resistant, highly durable, and with great knot holding capability, this climbing rope can also be used as a bull rope, making it a versatile product preferred by climbers for SRT tree climbing.

    High-Quality & Durable Design: The Notch Sasquatch Max rope consists of a polyester sheath and a nylon core, and has a standard diameter of 1/2" (12.8mm), thick enough for a comfortable grip while in use. It has high-strength, low stretch material, with a smooth cover that performs well with hitch cords. This rope has a 3.4% elongation and a 72% Sheath percentage, ensuring a reliable and effective climbing utility.

    Heavy-Duty Features: This climbing rope has a value of 7,868lbs (35kN) for its tensile strength which indicates that the rope could take multiple falls and can be used for heavy loads. It has a highly visible green color which can easily be seen in any space be it woods, mountains, or even in thick forest canopies.

    Product Options

    The Notch Sasquatch Max Climbing Rope comes in different options that differ on the length of the rope and its end type. Please choose your preference on the drop-down menu above.

    • 120' L - Standard Ends (SASQMAX-120-NS)
    • 120' L - Grizzly-Spliced 1 End (SASQMAX-120-GS)
    • 120' L - Eye-Spliced 1 End (SASQMAX-120-S)
    • 120' L - Tight-Spliced 1 End (SASQMAX-120-TS)
    • 150' L - Standard Ends (SASQMAX-150-NS)
    • 150' L - Grizzly-Spliced 1 End (SASQMAX-150-GS)
    • 150' L - Eye-Spliced 1 End (SASQMAX-150-S)
    • 150' L - Tight-Spliced 1 End (SASQMAX-150-TS)
    • 200' L - Standard Ends (SASQMAX-200-NS)
    • 200' L - Grizzly-Spliced 1 End (SASQMAX-200-GS)
    • 200' L - Eye-Spliced 1 End (SASQMAX-200-S)
    • 200' L - Tight-Spliced 1 End (SASQMAX-200-TS)
    • 600' L - Standard Ends (SASQMAX-600-NS)
    • 600' L - Grizzly-Spliced 1 End (SASQMAX-600-GS)
    • 600' L - Eye-Spliced 1 End (SASQMAX-600-S)
    • 600' L - Tight-Spliced 1 End (SASQMAX-600-TS)