SubSurface PL-VF3 Pipe and Cable Locator Receiver (Only)

    By SubSurface | Mfr#: | Tiger#: TS92052
    • PL-VF Pipe and Cable Locator Receiver SUBPL-VF
    • PL-VF Pipe and Cable Locator Receiver Backside
    • PL-VF Pipe and Cable Locator Receiver Side View


    • Used with PL-VF series of SubSurface pipe and cable locator transmitters
    • 12 operating frequencies ranging from 480kHz to 512Hz
    • Able to remotely control PL-VF transmitters
    • Measures depth and current flow
    • Large backlit LCD screen
    • Lithium rechargeable battery
    • Battery life: Continuous 30h. – Intermittent 82h.
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    Overview for SubSurface PL-VF3 Pipe and Cable Locator Receiver (Only)

    The PL-VF Pipe and Cable Locator Receiver is used with PL-VF SubSurface pipe and cable locator transmitters to locate pipes and cables buried as deep as 25 feet. On its own, the PL-VF can use passive locating to find power utilities and, in some cases, even water pipes, sewer lines, cable television, and telephone lines that are located near power utilities.

    Accurate and convenient: The PL-VF receiver is designed with unique features that boost productivity while maintaining accuracy. One such feature is the ability to remotely control the transmitter from more than 400 meters so that users won’t have to walk back and forth between the devices. This receiver has 8 standard locating modes and 12 operating frequencies that can be added or deleted on demand to suit your locating needs. It uses a multi-channel processor that allows for simultaneous field detection from a multiple antenna arrays to ensure accuracy.

    Measures depth and current: With the PL-VF receiver, you can quickly estimate the depth of the target with only a press of a button. The depth is displayed on the LCD screen in centimeters or feet and inches. It can also measure the amount of 815 Hz, 8 kHz, 33kHz, or 82 kHz current flowing on the conductors to help with identifying targets in a crowded field. Regardless of the depth, the highest current flow indicates the target conductor.

    Easy to operate: Ergonomically designed and weighing only 4 pounds, the PL-VF is easy to use for hours without fatigue. The large, easy-to-see backlit LCD screen displays visual target indicators, signal strength, depth, current flow, gain levels, battery level, and more. It also provides audio signals with 4 volume options including mute. The intuitive control panel with 4 buttons makes the PL-VF receiver easy to use and configure on the field.