Notch 18156 PCC Boom Mounted Pole Saw Holder - Handle End *DISCONTINUED*

    By Notch | Mfr#: 18156 | Tiger#: TS90336
    • PCC Boom Mounted Pole Saw Holder PCC18156-
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    • Lightweight yet strong
    • Corrosion-resistant for sustainability in wet environments
    • Made of water-repellent fiberglass
    • Replaceable plastic liner for increased lifespan of holder
    • Ratchet straps for secure mounting of blade end holder
    • Easier mounting with no straps required for handle end holder
    • Separate replacement of liner and straps
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    Overview for Notch 18156 PCC Boom Mounted Pole Saw Holder - Handle End

    The PCC Boom Mounted Pole Saw Holder is an outside mount holder with either a blade end, or a holder end, and sometimes both. It is designed for the safety and easy accessibility of the long-reach saws on aerial job sites or elevated work platforms. It is an ideal storage and holding tool for the boom mounted manual, gas-powered, and battery-powered pole saws.

    Distinctive Features: The boom pole saw holder is black, made of high-strength fiberglass, and has an abrasion lining for protection. It is mounted horizontally on the outside of the boom with the help of fasteners or straps. The pole saw holder with a rectangular blade end has a replaceable liner that prevents replacing the entire holder, meanwhile increasing its lifespan, while the pole saw holder with a U-shaped handle end holds the saw handles in its cradle for security. Furthermore, there are ratchet straps that allow for secure mounting on the booms.

    Safe & Easy Mounting: The pole saw holder with handle end or blade end allows easier and secure installation on the booms of aerial trucks. No additional tools or hardware is required to mount it. It comes with ratchet straps that go around the boom and secure the blades and handles, whether round or rectangular without demanding much effort. Besides, the straps and the liner can be replaced separately when needed.

    Lightweight, Strong & Resistant: The pole saw holder is manufactured from high-quality fiberglass. The holder is factually light in weight yet strong enough to withstand high winds, sudden jolts, or impacts. The specially designed blade end and handle end protect the pole saw and its blade to the maximum without bending or breaking upon pressure. It also provides resistance against corrosion, keeping rust away for a long time.

    Product Choices:

    All these striking features make the outside Boom Mounted Pole Saw Holder a good choice for secure storage of long-reach chainsaws or pole saws on the boom trucks. It offers variations in size and structure according to usage.

    • 18156: Boom Mounted Pole Saw Holder for Handle End
    • 18154: Boom Mounted Pole Saw Holder for Blade End