Fluke 4185582 P3800 High-Pressure Oil Deadweight Tester *DISCONTINUED*

    By Fluke | Mfr#: 4185582 | Tiger#: TS54525


    • Choice of 9 pressure range & units
    • Range up to 60,000 psi
    • Accuracy: 2 classes, ±0.02 or 0.015 % of reading
    • Pressure intensifier
    • Safety relief valve
    • Piston float reference
    • Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) housing
    • Oil reservoir
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    Overview for Fluke 4185582 P3800 High-Pressure Oil Deadweight Tester

    With over 50 years of experience, the Fluke P3800 Series High-Pressure Oil Deadweight Tester offers the best design and structure that surpasses pressure standards. Offering pressure ranges up to 60,000 psi, it can effectively calibrate any high-pressure sensing devices such as transducers, transmitters, gauges, pressure switches and other calibrators. Also, technicians can choose from two accuracy classes ± 0.02 or 0.015 percent of reading.

    The P3800 deadweight tester comes with a hand pump and pressure intensifier that improves pressure generator by a factor of 7:1. It also features a safety relief valve that safeguards the low and high-pressure systems from accidental overpressure. Plus, it has a piston float reference that checks if the piston is in the classic "mid-float" position.

    Featuring a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) housing, the Fluke P3800 deadweight tester is designed for standard and rugged applications. Also, it comes with an oil reservoir to charge the pump when doing a calibration. In addition, this Fluke pressure calibrator includes adjustable feet and level vials to ensure the device is balanced to ensure an accurate pressure calibration operation.

    Please Note: Kindly inform customer service of your local gravity to ensure adjustment of weights in the units ordered (Ineligible for stock rotations as each unit is custom).

    Configuration Options

    The Fluke P3800 Series High-Pressure Oil Deadweight Tester offers nine nominal pressure ranges and units. Please choose from the drop-down menu above.

    • 4185582: Fluke P3830-MPA High-Pressure Oil Deadweight Tester, 200 Mpa
    • 4185613: Fluke P3840-MPA High-Pressure Oil Deadweight Tester, 260 Mpa
    • 4185649: Fluke P3860-MPA High-Pressure Oil Deadweight Tester, 400 Mpa
    • 4185566: Fluke P3830-BAR High-Pressure Oil Deadweight Tester, 2,000 Bar
    • 4185594: Fluke P3840-BAR High-Pressure Oil Deadweight Tester, 2,600 Bar
    • 4185624: Fluke P3860-BAR High-Pressure Oil Deadweight Tester, 4,000 Bar
    • 4185575: Fluke P3830-PSI High-Pressure Oil Deadweight Tester, 30,000 psi
    • 4185608: Fluke P3840-PSI High-Pressure Oil Deadweight Tester, 40,000 psi
    • 4185636: Fluke P3860-PSI High-Pressure Oil Deadweight Tester, 60,000 psi